Electronic Business



Established in 2002, the major of e-commerce aims to produce high-level applied professionals who master the theoretical knowledge of management, know well about the information technology and information tools, and can operate computers proficiently. They know well about the management of current businesses, logistics and enterprises, and can use English fluently in work. They are able to undertaking jobs concerning technical operations, development and management of e-commerce, and e-government affairs in IT consulting firm, the information management department of multinationals or large enterprises, domestic financial institutions and government departments. The length of schooling is 4 years. Graduates will be granted bachelor’s degree in management, and their English ability can reach TEM 8 level.

E-commerce is an emerging major both domestically and internationally, which makes it promising in terms of its development and market, and which enables us to introduce the updated business and management concepts from abroad. This major closely follows the latest findings in scientific research and teaching so as to form a unique teaching pattern. Most teachers have obtained doctor’s degree from domestic or foreign universities, which makes them very capable in teaching and scientific research. Computer technology and the application of network technology are important to e-commerce, so advanced computer software and hardware are provided. This major produces student with innovative spirit.



Through systematic theoretical and practical training of e-commerce, the major produces the multi-disciplinary and applied elites who master economic knowledge and IT expertise with high-level English and cross-cultural communicative abilities. They have innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, know well about the models and operation of modern e-commerce. They are able to engage in innovation or business start-up, or undertake jobs concerning system development and operation management in fields such as e-government, e-commerce and e-finance.



Students are required to master the theoretical knowledge of modern management and expertise of e-commerce.

Students should be able to proficiently use computers and application software. They should be able to analyze, develop and design the e-commerce system.

Students should be familiar with the internet economy and the internet business environment. They should be able to engage in business activities through the internet, and sophisticatedly undertake business activities and works concerning operation and management in e-government affairs, e-commerce and e-finance.

Students should have innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, and know well about business planing and project management.

Students are required to master English professionally as English majors, and use it proficiently to conduct business activities.


Discipline Affiliation: management science and engineering


Degree conferred: bachelor’s degree in management


Length of schooling: 4 years


Major courses:

database, operations research, e-commerce, e-marketing, e-finance and payment security, modern logistics and supply chain management, e-commerce system development, business intelligence, e-commerce start-up and practice, etc.


Teaching plan and credits requirement:

12 credits required in total, including:

Military training: 2 credits

Social practice and research: 2 credits

Pre-graduation internship: 2 credits

Classroom practice: 2 credits

Overseas study: the credits eared by studying overseas are transferable to that of graduation internship

Graduation thesis: 4 credits