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 The International Business School (IBS) was established in 2001. Now it has nearly a thousand undergraduates recruited through planned enrollment. The school has 6 undergraduate majors: International Economics and Trade, Finance, Business Administration (including International Business), Accounting (including International Finance Management), E-Commerce, and Information Management and Information System. A bachelor’s degree in economics will be conferred on the the graduates majoring in international economy and trade and finance; while the graduates majoring in the rest of the majors above (will be granted a bachelor’s degree) in management. Students of IBS can also choose to study English curriculum. Upon graduation, they will be granted a certificate for double degree.

Supported by the Ministry of Education, educational authority in Beijing and BFSU, IBS has pioneered a distinctive pattern for talent development in international economics and management, which helped IBS achieve a great success. In 2002, the Economics and Management of IBS was listed as the key disciplinary group under the Project 211 during the 10th five-year plan; in 2007, under the Teaching Quality Project for higher education launched by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance, IBS was authorized as the pilot zone for nurturing talents studying international economics and management; also in 2007, the Pilot Teaching Center of Economics and Management was awarded as the demonstration center ; and in 2009, the reform of the talent development pattern won the first prize for its distinguished teaching achievements.

IBS has a distinguished teaching team. The teachers are specialized in economics, management, business English, IT, computer technology, etc. More than 90% of the full-time teachers have obtained or are applying for a Ph.D, and over 70% of them had their degrees overseas or have more than 6 months of overseas study experience. Each year, the teachers publish a considerable number of dissertations in domestic or foreign academic journals and lead more than 10 national scientific research projects. IBS also has many foreign professors. Many of them are independent directors of listed enterprises, or enterprise managers or advisors.

Now IBS has established long-term cooperation with universities in countries such as America, Britain, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Switzerland, Korea and India. IBS encourages the undergraduates recruited through planned enrollment to study overseas and provides students with all kinds of exchange opportunities. So far, around 20 undergraduates each year go to overseas universities, and many foreign students come to study here with our students. This enables students to become more capable in cross-cultural communication and makes IBS more internationalized.

IBS provides multi-level economics and management curriculum by category. In most curricula, students will be using the teaching materials that fit international trend. IBS has advanced financial and business laboratory equipped with simulation software for teaching finance, statistics and econometrics, international trade, ERP, e-commerce, financial accounting, auditing, and taxation. Students thus can become proficient in using computers when they graduate.

In 2012, IBS launched a new reform to improve the undergraduate development pattern. The reform covers all undergraduate majors and includes the following three projects:

Reform to better educate elites majoring in economics and management.

IBS strengthened the fundamental courses and opened up courses of higher level mathematics and economics for able students, to nurture elites with academic capability and creativity.

Reform to better educate cross-cultural business elites.

According to the reform, international business and international finance management were added respectively under business administration and accounting majors. Specialized courses would be taught mainly in English. This reform was to nurture future business leaders with creativity, cross-cultural communication capability and modern mindset of business.

Reform to better educate IT elites and entrepreneurial and business talents.

This reform was aimed at e-commerce and information management and information system majors. It was to cultivate innovative IT elites and entrepreneurial talents with basic knowledge of IT and modern business models.



IBS has public compulsory and selective courses, English courses, specialized core courses, and compulsory and selective courses, etc.

English courses: students of IBS shall complete one-year study of English courses required and take TEM 8 before graduation. Basic English courses and courses for double degree include intensive reading, extensive reading, oral English, listening and speaking, translating and interpreting, reading and commenting and business English, etc.

Specialized core courses: students of IBS shall complete 14 basic economics and management courses required including higher mathematics, linear algebra, probability and statistics, computer and network, micro-economics, macro-economics, economic law, basics of accounting, business finance management, management, science, marketing, monetary finance, international trade and international finance.

Compulsory and selective courses: Apart from the English courses and specialized core courses required, students shall also complete 7~8 specialized courses. IBS opens around 30 selective courses for each major, and students shall take no less than 7 of them. For more detailed curriculum information, please refer to the introduction of each major.