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Department Profiles: 

The Corporate Relations Office of International Business School, Beijing Foreign Studies University is a functional department that promotes the School’s communication and cooperation with the government, public institutions, enterprises, domestic universities and research institutions. Relying on the strong knowledge accumulation and rich international resources of the School and the University, the Corporate Relations Office expands the cooperation channels of the School, promotes the social practice of the School and demonstrates the social service capability of the School through activities such as practice teaching, career planning and internship and employment services.

Established in 2017, the department has signed strategic cooperation memoranda and built practice bases with enterprises including China Securities Regulatory Commission, China Securities Co., Ltd., Sinopharm Group Med-Tech Co., Ltd., China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd., Ernst & Yong Hua Ming LLP., Price Waterhouse Coopers, Zhongtian LLP., Beijing IQIYI Science & Technology Co., Ltd., Caixin Data Technology Co., Ltd., Hero Entertainment Co., Ltd., etc. Based on the principle of "complementary advantages, resource sharing, mutual benefit and win-win, common development", the School and the enterprises have been cooperating in all aspects such as talent training, scientific research and social services, and actively exploring a new mode of school-enterprise cooperation.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Expand the School’s enterprise practice bases. Coordinate with various functional departments of the School to promote practice teaching and improve the practical and innovative ability of students in the form of course cooperation, lectures, enterprise visits and seminars.

2、Dock the employment demands of enterprises. Release recruitment information. Assist in organizing recruitment activities. Help students with career planning, internship and employment.  Enhance students' employment competitiveness.

3、Maintain and expand the resources of corporate mentors. Track and evaluate the corporate mentors’ work.

4. Assist faculty members to work with enterprises on case development and other scientific research cooperation. Promote the deep integration of industry, academia and research.

5. Manage various endowment funds and projects. Coordinate with relevant functional departments to do all kinds of donations and the implementation of fund projects.

6、Accomplish other work assigned by the higher-level departments and the School.


Director: Mingxing Shao 

Associate Director: Wen Wen

Supervisor: Yuqian Chen


Address: Room 302, International Business School, Beijing Foreign Studies University, No.19 North Xisanhuan Avenue Beijing, China, 100089

Tel: +86(10)-88816587