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愿景 Vision


To be an international business school that bridges China with the rest of the world by providing shared global business practices and technological advances for future business talents.

使命 Mission


We are committed to cultivating open-minded, socially responsible, and globally competent business leaders by integrating diverse cultures and inspiring continuous innovation.

文化 Culture





Innovation - We respect standards but never follow any rules blindly. We are exploring our ways ahead while embracing the collisions of different opinions and cultures. We encourage innovation, inspire creativity, insights and imagination.

Focus - We make focused efforts on the research of international commerce and management, and on personnel training.

Cooperation - We will broaden our cooperation with multinational corporations, financial institutions, government bodies and renowned foreign institutes. We will pursue a cooperation model of win-win results and mutual benefits to cultivate cross-cultural business elites who can steer international rules for China.

Openness - We will advocate equal and open education, focusing on students’ comprehensive qualities. We will promote exchanges and interaction between students and teachers, students and the society as well as among students, making sure that students with different personalities can receive enough respect and chances to enhance themselves.

行动 Action


1. 为全体学生和教师提供高质量的支持和服务;

2. 努力实现学院在教学语言、教学内容、师资来源、学生生源、管理模式等各个方面的国际化;

3. 为来自全球的学生提供高质量的课程,向中国学生介绍世界,同时向海外学生介绍中国,做世界文明与中国文明沟通的桥梁;

4. 吸引高水平的研究和管理人才,确保学院科研水平的逐步提高;

5. 建设高效率的,以市场为导向的运营模式;

6. 建立和发展与跨国公司和中资公司的良好关系,为教师经常接触商业前沿和学生就业提供保障;

7. 确保学院拥有足够的财务资源和硬件服务,并且争取硬件设施国内领先;

8. 建设全体毕业校友的精神家园,为校友提供后续教育及职业生涯服务。

In a word, IBS maintains the principle of driving China’s economic development and joining in economic and management innovation with international vision in teaching, research, and international cooperation. To achieve this, we aim to:

1. Provide faculty and students with high quality support and service;

2. Achieve internationalization at all levels including teaching language, contents, faculty source, research, student nationalities and managing models;

3. Provide global students with high quality courses; introduce world to Chinese students and China to foreign students;

4. Attract high level researchers and managers to ensure our overall academic research level;

5. Actively participate in social service, and establish an efficient and market-oriented operational mode;

6. Establish and develop good relations with transnational companies and Chinese enterprises to provide firm guarantee for faculty researches and students job opportunities;

7. Make sure of sufficient financial and hardware support, have the best teaching and research facilities in China;

8. Maintain and develop alumni relations, offer consecutive career management, training and related service to them.