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The International Business School now sets the majors of diplomacy (international economics direction) and management science and engineering for the master degree program (academic type) which began to enrol students in 2007.

The training objective of the master degree program is to prepare students to become all-round distinctive transnational talents combining knowledge of foreign languages and economics by setting flexible and diverse courses. Students are supposed to master the basic principles of economics as well as the fundamental theories, skills and research methodologies of international trade and international finance, know the development situations of the contemporary international economy and international trade, be familiar with the current basic rules and conventions of international trade, finance and investment, as well as the current international economic and legal principles, and also be able to conduct research independently innovative to some extent on important issues in the research fields of their own subjects under the guidance of the supervisors.

The International Business School is equipped with high-qualified supervisors with doctorates of elite universities at home and abroad, rich experience of overseas visit and study, and their specialized fields involve various research directions like economics and management. They not only possess solid theoretical foundations of modern economics and management, but also have broad international outlooks and rich practical experience. Besides, the International Business School also has a team of part-time professors and development advisors in diversified fields from Nobel Prize winners in economics to key financial officers in the central government and presidents of the top companies.

The future goal of the School is to strive to develop the master degree program, build and introduce outstanding teaching faculty and teaching facilities, to become the educational base of doctoral students and MBA students as soon as possible; it is devoted to building a first-rate internationalized business school with the strongest foreign language background nationwide, building “the cradle of transnational business elites” in China, and preparing students to become transnational and trans-cultural high-qualified talents possessing international outlooks, with not only rich theoretical knowledge and high academic levels, but also great abilities of knowledge application and self development.

Master’s supervisor team: Peng Long, Zhang Jihong, Cai Lianqiao, Mao Erwan, Sun Wenli, Ying Weiwei, He Rong, Ding Xiaosong, Wu Yunan, Fan Desheng, Chen Ruohong, Li Shumin and so on.