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Specialized Master’s Degree Program (Academic-Oriented)

Program Overview

The International Business School is authorized to confer academic-oriented master's degrees in three first-level disciplines: Management Science and Engineering, Applied Economics, and Business Management. Diplomatic Studies (International Economics) has been admitting students since 2007, Management Science and Engineering since 2012, and Applied Economics and Business Management since 2019.

Management Science and Engineering 

Financial Engineering and Risk Management

Data Science and Global Governance

International Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Big Data and Business Analysis

Applied Economics 

International Trade 


Business Management

Corporate Management


Diplomatic Studies

Diplomatic Studies (International Economics)  

Program Goals

The program’s goal is to equip students to be well-rounded distinctive transnational talent, combining knowledge of foreign languages, economics, and management through flexible and diversified courses. Students are expected to understand the fundamental principles of economics as well as essential theories, skills, and research methodologies. Students should have a strong comprehensive practical ability and capable to engage in scientific research independently, and are able to use scientific ideas, methods, and technologies to analyze, make decisions, and implement measures in economic management

Well-versed in language skills, well-informed of global economic dynamics, and possessing outstanding cross-cultural communication skills, students in this program will be prepared to become global leaders in the business world. Students are trained to be familiar with the current basic rules and principles of international trade, finance, and investment, in addition to having a firm grasp of the fundamentals of economics and the underpinning theories, skills, and research methodologies.

The International Business School has formed a team of international faculty with strong research skills, a reasonable structure, and distinctive advantages, who hold doctorates from prestigious domestic and international universities, have extensive experience travelling to and studying abroad, and spread out in terms of professions over different research directions in economics and management. They have strong theoretical foundations in contemporary economics and management, as well as broad international perspectives and a wealth of real-world experience. Additionally, the school has a diverse team of adjunct professors and career advisers in a variety of sectors, including presidents of the most prestigious corporations, major financial executives in governmental organs, and Nobel laureates in economics. 

The school is committed to building itself into a top-notch internationalized business school with the strongest foreign language background in China. It will become “the cradle of transnational business elites” in China, striving to empower students with a global vision, in-depth knowledge, and a robust drive for personal growth.