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Teaching and Research

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NIU Yuhao

Assistant Professor

Educational background

Ph.D. in Accounting, Central University of Finance and Economics[LY1]

Taught Courses & Research Field

Taught Courses: Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions

Research Interests: Corporate Finance, Capital Market

Achievements in Academic Research

Journal Papers

1. Shen, Y. N., & Niu, Y.H. (2022). Anti-monopoly and quality of Economic Development: Empirical evidence based on the Implementation of anti-monopoly Law. Scientific Decision Making, 04, 1-20. [CSSCI]

2. Lu, C., Cui, C.H., & Niu, Y. H. (2022). Controlling Shareholder's pledge pressure and commercial credit Financing: An empirical study based on pledge price. Accounting Research, 02, 132-145. [CSSCI]

3. Wang, B. Q., Bao, R., Li, X. Z., & Niu, Y. H. (2021). Controlling Shareholder's equity pledge pressure and enterprise short loan and long investment: An empirical study based on pledge price. Accounting Research, 07, 85-98. [CSSCI]

4. Niu, Y. H., & Lu, C. (2020). Executive poverty experience and corporate financial asset allocation. Journal of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, 03, 35-45. [CSSCI]

5. Niu, Y. H., Zhang, T., Liu, B. R., & Hu, R. P. (2019). CEO poverty experience and corporate earnings management. Communication of Finance and Accounting, 33, 66-72.

6. Li, Z., Geng, C. X., Liu, S. Q., Niu, Y. H., &Chen, Y. S. (2019). Strengthening financial theory innovation to promote high-quality economic development -- A review of the perspectives of the 2019 Frontiers of Financial Theory Academic Symposium. Finance Research, 05, 101-104. 

7. Li, X. Z., Niu, Y. H., & Zhang, G. Y. (2019). Does customer concentration affect financial investment? Accounting Research, 09, 65-70. [CSSCI]

8. Li, X. Z., Niu, Y. H., & Zhang, X. P. (2019). Can a company’s financial investments infect other companies? --Empirical evidence from conglomerates. China Soft Science, 07, 101-110. [CSSCI]

9. Li, X. Z., Niu, Y. H., & Chen, X. (2019). Enterprise financial asset allocation, auditor identification and audit fees. Auditing Research, 03, 93-100. [CSSCI]

10. Lu, C., Niu, Y. H., Pan, L. Y., & Liu, B. R. (2019). Research on the relationship between financial Asset allocation and stock price crash risk of Listed companies in China. Scientific Decision Making, 03, 1-22. [CSSCI]

11. Wang, Y. Y., Niu, Y. H., Li, X. Y., & Lu, C. (2018). Asset quality and corporate irregularities. Journal of Business Economics, 10, 86-97. [CSSCI]

12. Niu, Y. H., & Lu, C. (2018). Financing constraints, corporate governance and R&D investment. Finance Research, 03, 44-52. 

Project Experience

1. Take charge of the 2019 Graduate Research Fund Project of Central University of Finance and Economics (No. 20192Y007, Project Name: Research on Risk Information in Analysts’ Reports)

2. Participate in the Key Program of National Social Science Foundation of China in 2017 (No. 14AGL010, Project Name: Research on the Asset Quality of Chinese Listed Companies)


1. Participate in 2020 The 19th Symposium on Empirical Accounting Research in China

2. Participate in 2021 Summer Research Workshop of China Journal of Accounting Research

3. Participate in 2021 The Annual Meeting of Accounting Society of China