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Teaching and Research

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XU Guoquan

Assistant Professor

科研成果 Achievements in Academic Research

Journal Papers 

1. Guoquan Xu, Fang-Chun Liu, Hsiao-Tang Hsu, Jerry W. Lin. (2022). The association between public pension fund characteristics and pension accounting choices. Asian Review of Accounting, 30, 4, 490-512. [Other]

2. Huaiyu Wang, Xi Hu, Shuangquan Yang, Guoquan Xu. (2022). Climate change adaptation and upland rice yield: evidence from a farm survey in Yunnan, China. China Agricultural Economic Review, 14, 04, 799-815. [SSCI]

3. Guoquan Xu, Nuotian Lu, Yan Tong. (2022). Greenwashing and credit spread: Evidence from the Chinese green bond market. Finance Research Letters, 48, 102927. [SSCI]

4. Xin Li, Yan Tong, Guoquan Xu. (2022). Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance and Bond Credit Spread: Evidence from China. China Journal of Accounting Research, 15, 2, 100226. [Other]

5. Jinchao Yi, Weilong Li, Guoquan Xu. (2021). Replacement of Business Tax with Value Added Tax, Fiscal Stress and the Performance of Environmental Protection Listed Companies. Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology (Social Science Edition), 23, 3, 38-47. [CSSCI] 

6. Shiqi Ou, Zhenhong Lin, Guoquan Xu, Xu Hao, Hongwei Li, Zhiming Gao, Xin He, Steven Przesmitzki, Jessey Bouchard. (2020). The retailed gasoline price in China: Time-series analysis and future trend projection. Energy, 191, 116544. [SSCI]

7. Guoquan Xu, Fang-Chun Liu, Hsiao-Tang Hsu, Jerry W. Lin. (2019). The Impact of Pension Governance Practices on the Public Defined Benefit Pension Performance. Benchmarking: An International Journal, 27, 1, 192-214.  [Other]

8. Tianan Yang, Taoming Liu, Run Lei, Jianwei Deng, Guoquan Xu. (2019). Effect of Stress on the Work Ability of Aging American Workers Mediating Effects of Health. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 16.13 (2019): 2273. Web. [SSCI]

Conference Papers 

1. Xu, G., Du, X., Yu, Z., Guan, L., & Yi, J. (2019). Industry Innovation Efficiency and its Influencing Factors: Evidence from Zhongguancun Science Park.?2019 16th International Conference on Service Systems and Service Management (ICSSSM). Shenzhen, China.

2. Yu, Z., Xu, G., Pennock, M.J., Rouse, W.B., Naylor, M.D., Paul, M., Hirschman, K.B., Pepe, K., & Xie, H. (2018). Health Service Decision Toolbox (HSDT): Delivering the Right Treatment to the Right Patient with Health Information Technology and Data Analytics.?2018 15th International Conference on Service Systems and Service Management (ICSSSM). Hangzhou, China. 

Academic Service

1. Thesis Supervisor, Beijing Foreign Studies University, 2021.7 – now 

2. Competition Instructor, Beijing Foreign Studies University,2021.4 – 2021.8

3. Reviewer, China Agricultural Economic Review, 2022.6 – 2022.7 

4. Reviewer, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health,2019.8 – 2021.6

5. Thesis Supervisor, Beijing Institute of Technology,2017.8 – 2021.6

6. Committee Member of Joint Program of Accounting between Beijing Institute of Technology and University of Reading, Beijing Institute of Technology,2020.8 – 2021.6

荣誉奖励 Honors and Awards

1. 2020 Excellent Graduation Project (Thesis) Instructor of Beijing Regular Undergraduate Institutions of Higher Education, BFSU.