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Associate Professor

Ph.D. in Management, Renmin University of China

教育背景 Education Background

2015.9-2018.7 Ph.D. in Management – Renmin University of China

2013.9-2016.7 Masters in Management – Renmin University of China

2009.9-2013.7 BSc in Management – Renmin University of China

工作经历 Work Experience

2018.7- present: Lecturer – Beijing Foreign Studies University, International Business School

教学研究 Taught Courses & Research Field

教授课程 Taught Courses: Taught Courses:Principles of Accounting, Accounting Research Methods and Thesis Writing,Business Valuation,Strategic Management Accounting

研究方向 Research Field: Research Field:Corpoarte Governance, Corporate Finance, Auditing

科研成果 Achievements in Academic Research

Journal Papers 

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Academic Service

1、Journal Reviewer, Journal of Corporate Finance, 2018 to now.

2、Journal Reviewer, Journal of Business Ethics, 2018 to now.

3、Journal Reviewer, Journal of Risk Insurance, 2018 to now.

4、Journal Reviewer, ABACUS, 2018 to now.

5、Journal Reviewer, European Accounting Review, 2018 to now.

6、Journal Reviewer, The North American Journal of Economics and Finance, 2018 to now.

7、Journal Reviewer, Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics, 2018 to now.

8、“Managerial Foreign Experience and Corporate Innovation”, 2017 American Accounting Association Annual Meeting, 2017, San Diego, USA

9、“Does Concentrated Customer Base Lead to Worse CSR Performance? Evidence from China”, 2nd International Workshop on Interdisciplinary Research in Accounting, 2017, SWUFE, Chengdu

10、“Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance and Financial Restatements”,The 8th International Corporate Governance Conference,2015,Tianjin.

国际交流 International Communication Experience

2016.8-2017.9: Visiting Ph.D. student – University of Waterloo, Canada

2015.7-2015.8: Research Assistant – City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

学术兼职 Academic part-time jobs

Anonymous reviewer -"Journal of Risk and Insurance" , "Review of Investment Studies (in Chinese)"

荣誉奖励 Honors and Awards

1、2020,Research Excellence Award, Beijing Foreign Studies University, China.

2、2019,Research Excellence Award, Beijing Foreign Studies University, China.

3、2021Teaching Excellence Award, Beijing Foreign Studies University, China.

4、2020,Teaching Excellence Award, Beijing Foreign Studies University, China.

5、2021,Second Prize of the 5th Young Teachers' Basic Skills Competition (Non-Foreign Language), Beijing Foreign Studies University, China.

6、2018.7 Outstanding graduates, Beijing Municipal Education Commission

7、2017.12 National scholarship for Ph.D. students, Chinese Ministry of Education

8、2015.12 National scholarship for graduate students, Chinese Ministry of Education

9、2014.12 National scholarship for graduate students, Chinese Ministry of Education