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YU Jingwen

Associate Professor

Ph.D in Economics, Peking University, China

教育背景 Education Background

Education background (including Education and training experiences)

2007-2012 Ph.D in Economics, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University

2003-2007 B.A., First Major in Economics, School of International Business, Beijing Foreign Studies University

B.A., Second Major in English Literature, Beijing Foreign Studies University

教学研究 Taught Courses & Research Field

Research field

Public Finance, Economic Growth

Teaching: Econometrics, Empirical Finance, International Investment Analysis

科研成果 Achievements in Academic Research


1. “Political Cycle and Land Leasing: Evidence from Chinese Cities” (with Jie Xiao and Liutang Gong), 2015, 2, Economic Research (in Chinese).

2. “Fiscal Decentralization and Private Investment: an Empirical Study” (with Shaowu Zheng), 2015, 2, Research on Financial and Economics Issues (in Chinese).

3. “Patent Design and Early Publication in Patent Applications” (with Chenle Li), 2015, 1, Journal of Central University of Finance and Economics (in Chinese).

4. “Productive Government Expenditure, Restructuring of State-owned Enterprises and Private Investment—Evidence from Inter-province Panel Data” (with Shaowu Zheng and Liutang Gong), 2013, 11, Journal of Financial Research (in Chinese).

5. “Fertility-Control Policy, Labor Force Structure and Economic Growth” (with Kaiming Guo and Liutang Gong), 2013, 11, The Journal of World Economy (in Chinese).

6. “Public Education, Economic Growth and Inequality” (with Liutang Gong), 2013, 3, World Economic Papers (in Chinese).

7. “Public Education, Non-government Education and Economic Growth”, 2012, 6, Zhejiang Social Sciences (in Chinese).

8. “Education Decentralization and Regional Human Capital”, 2012, 2, Research on Financial and Economic Issues (in Chinese).

9. “Time and Area Differences in the Effect of Government Expenditure on Private Investment” (with Shaowu Zheng), 2011, 20, China Market (in Chinese).

10. “Apply Fiscal Policy to Stimulate Private Investment” (with Shaowu Zheng), 2010, 24, China State Finance (in Chinese).

国际交流 International Communication Experience

International communication experience (Academic exchange and visits)

2010.9 Present in Australia-China Futures Dialogues, Brisbane, Australia

Title: “China’s Strengths and Vulnerabilities as a Regional Actor”

Included in Regional Outlook Paper

2010.5 Member of Center for Japanese studies, Peking University sponsored by Japan Foundation

荣誉奖励 Honors and Awards

Honors and awards:

2010 Robin Li Scholarship, Peking University and Baidu

2010 Excellence in Studies, Peking University