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MA Xiaoyu

Associate Professor

Ph.D. in Management, Tsinghua University, China
Visiting scholar at University of California, Berkeley, USA

教育背景 Education Background

2010.9-2015.7 清华大学经济管理学院 管理学博士

2006.9-2010.7 北京邮电大学经济管理学院 管理学学士

工作经历 Work Experience

2015.9至今 北京外国语大学国际商学院 教师

教学研究 Taught Courses & Research Field



科研成果 Achievements in Academic Research

Journal Papers

8、Yuan Cao, Jihong Zhang, Xiaoyu Ma. (2019). Optimal Financing and Production Decisions for a Supply Chain With Buyer-Backed Purchase Order Financing Contract. IEEE Access. 10.1109/ACCESS.2019.2935741 [SCI]

7、Xiaoyu Ma, Jihong Zhang,Yuan Cao,Zhou He,Jonas Nebel. (2021). Dynamic Plan Control: An Effective Tool to Manage Demand Considering Mobile Internet Network Congestion. Applied Sciences . 2021, 11, 91. [SCI]

6、Bell R, Liu P, Zhan H, Bozward D, Fan J, Watts H, Xiaoyu Ma. (2019). Exploring Entrepreneurial Roles and Identity in the United Kingdom and China. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. DOI:10.1177/1465750318792510. 

5、Xiaoyu Ma, Tianhu Deng, Mengying Xue, Zuo-Jun (Max) Shen, Boxiong Lan,“Optimal Dynamic Pricing of Mobile Data Plans in Wireless Communications”,OMEGA-The International Journal of Management Science, 2017, 66: 91-105.(SCI/SSCI检索)

4、Xiaoyu Ma, Tianhu Deng, Boxiong Lan, “Demand Estimation and Assortment Planning in Wireless Communications”,Journal of Systems Science and Systems Engineering, 2016, 25(4):1-26.(SCI检索)

3、Xiaoyu Ma, Mingru Yang, Yanjun Li, Jihong Zhang, "Signaling factors in overfunding: An empirical study based on Crowdcube." International Conference on Service Systems and Service Management IEEE, 2017:1-6. (EI/ISTP检索)

2、Xuemei Xie, Xiaoyu Ma,“Risk Management of Social Public Security Video Surveillance Project Based on Life Cycle Theory”, The International Conference on Engineering Management and Service Sciences, Beijing, China, pp.4244-4248 (EI/ISTP检索)

1、张雪峰, 梁湧, 马潇宇*. 电信运营商双寡头定价机制设计. 运筹与管理, 2017, 26(5):6-13. (CSCD检索)

Conference Papers 

1. Xiuhui Wang, Xiaoyu Ma*, Jing Fan, Qiongwei Ye (2019). Design of Intelligent Logistics Drivers Evaluation System-based on Entropy-AHP Method. The 16th International Conference on Service Systems and Service Management IEEE. Research Center for Contemporary Management, Tsinghua University; The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

2. Xiaoyu Ma, Mingru Yang, Yanjun Li, Jihong Zhang (2017). Signaling Factors in Overfunding: An Empirical Study Based on Crowdcube. The 14th International Conference on Service Systems and Service Management IEEE. Research Center for Contemporary Management, Tsinghua University; The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

3. Xingchen Guo, Xiaoyu Ma, Linxuan Zhang, Xiao Li (2021). A Three-stage DEA Study on The Efficiency of Global Intelligent Innovation Based on Big Data. The 4th International Symposium on Big Data and Applied Statistics. Academic Exchange Information Center.

2. Jiasen Qi, Xiaoyu Ma, Lin Li, Feng Wang. Multi-stage TOGAF architecture development method adaption in small-and-medium enterprises-A case study in a start-up logistics service company. The 33rd Chinese Control and Decision Conference. Chinese Association of Automation; Northeastern University. 

Academic Service

1. Deputy Secretary General, Internet Economy and Cross-border E-commerce Special Committee, China Information Economics Society

2. Associate Editor, Journal of Electronic Business & Digital Economics

3. Reviewer, OMEGA-The International Journal of Management Science

4. Reviewer, Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research

5. Distinguished Researcher, Energy Internet Research Institute Tsinghua University

6. Director, Operations Research Society of Beijing

Professional Experience

1. Vice Chairman, Supply Chain Group, Alliance of Industrial Internet

2. Deputy Secretary general, Beijing Industrial Internet Technology Innovation and Industrial Development Alliance

国际交流 International Communication Experience

2012-2013 美国加州大学伯克利分校 访问学者

荣誉奖励 Honors and Awards

1. Beijing College employment and entrepreneurship gold course, Beijing College Graduates Employment Guidance Center, Apr 2021

2. Teaching Award, International Business School, BFSU 2021

3. The second prize of the National Supply Chain and Operation Management Teaching Short Video Competition in 2020, 2021

4. Best Practice combination Award of National Supply Chain and Operations Management Teaching Short Video Competition, 2021

5. Academic Newcomer Award of Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Sep 2017

6. Teaching Award, International Business School, BFSU 2017