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Teaching and Research

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FAN Desheng


Ph.D. in Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Science, China
Visiting scholar at Virginia Commonwealth University, USA

教育背景 Education Background

Education background (including Education and training experiences)


Bachelor of Political Economics in Heilongjiang University


Master of Economics in Graduate School, Chinese Academy of Social Science


PHD of Economics in Graduate School, Chinese Academy of Social Science ,

国际交流 International Communication Experience

•International communication experience (Academic exchange and visits)


Visiting Scholar in Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia U.S.A.

工作经历 Work Experience

•Work experience

2003/07~present International Business School Beijing Foreign Studies University

•Commercial practice (Enterprise practice or survey)

教学研究 Taught Courses & Research Field

•Research field


International Trade,

International Finance

•Taught courses

Intermediate Microeconomics,

Principles of Economics,

Money ,banking and Financial Markets,

International Finance

科研成果 Achievements in Academic Research


Journal Papers 

1.  Shao, X. Y., & Fan, D. S. (2022). Does Green venture Capital curb carbon emissions? - Empirical research based on the perspective of green technology innovation. Journal of Chongqing University of Technology (Social Science), 36(04), 55-68.

2. Fan, D. S., & Shao, X. Y. (2022). Corporate balance sheet adjustment under the interdepartmental debt remodeling. Macroeconomics, 03, 138-152+175. [CSSCI]

3. Fan, D. S., Shao, X. Y., & Luo, Y. D. (2022). Research on credit risk of urban investment bonds in China: Dynamic evolution and regional characteristics. Chongqing Social Sciences, 01, 81-95. [CSSCI]

4. Fan, D. S., Zhang, Y. S, & Luo, Y. D. (2021). Research on the return rate of Chinese enterprise annuity investment from the perspective of policy control. Chongqing Social Sciences, 02, 75-90. [CSSCI]

5. Fan, D. S., & Li, L. Z. (2019). Research on the Effect of real estate Investment on other fixed Assets Investment ---- Empirical analysis based on provincial panel data in China. Chinese Review of Financial Studies, 11(04), 95-113+126. [CSSCI]

Academic Service

1. Special-appointed Professor, School of Continuing Education, Tsinghua University.

荣誉奖励 Honors and Awards 

1. Teaching Award, Beijing Foreign Studies University, 2020 Spring

2. Teaching Award, Beijing Foreign Studies University, 2018 Fall

3. Teaching Award, Beijing Foreign Studies University, 2017 Fall