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IBS Scholarship regulations according to scholarship Guiding Notes produced by BFSU

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 To efficiently reward academic excellence among graduate students and make their environment a community focused on learning and development, the International Business School (hereinafter referred to as the “School”) makes these scholarship regulations according to scholarship Guiding Notes produced by the Beijing Foreign Studies University (hereinafter referred to as the “University”).




To apply for these scholarships, student must:

1.Be in the second year of their graduate study in the School;

2.Show love and passion for the University and society;

3.Be excellent in academy without failing in any subject;

4.Show sense of group honor by actively participating in all activities organized by the University and the School as well as caring for classmates.

Students involved in the following situations shall be deprived of the right to apply for these scholarships:

a.         Students who were subject to a disciplinary action over the past year or who is still in the duration of a disciplinary action;

b.        Students who have not paid tuition and fees;

c.         Students who violate the law of state or breaches the rules and regulations of the University and the School;

d.        Students who fail in any subject or who make absence from any examination.


Selection Criteria

1. The scholarships will be granted in line with the quota allocated by the University.

2. Students will be ranked in each class.

3. Each student will be assessed in an all-round way, and the scholarships will be awarded according to their comprehensive grades.

4. All references for assessment shall be got in the last academic year.


 Selection Process

1. Release the quota allocated by the Students’ Affair Office of the University;

2. Calculate the comprehensive grades according to relevant regulations;

3. Nominate the candidates by the selection committee made up of members from the Graduate Student Affairs Office, the Students’ Counselors’ Office and mentors.

4. Publish the nominations.

5. Submit the nominating list to the University.


 Methods of Grade Calculation

Students will be ranked in the average score of all mandatory and required optional courses which all students are required to select. All grades calculated on 5.0 scale should be converted into 100. For instance, 5=100,5-=95, 4+=90.

To encourage academic research and innovation, for students who have got academic awards, published papers in core journals ranked by Peking University, participated in editing or translating academic papers, presented papers in international academic conferences, with their names on the cover, after the assessment of the Graduate Student Affairs Office’s, every award, paper or work will be rewarded an extra 0.25 point.

To encourage students’ participation in activities, members of Student Union of the University, the School and class cadres can get an extra 0.25 point, and for those who hold more than one above-mentioned position, the point will not be accumulated.



These regulations come into force upon promulgation. The International Business School has the right of final interpretation.




The International Business School

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