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2015 Spring Work Summary of the Labor Union

Views:2026 Author:admin Date:2015-11-11

All members from the Labor Union of International Business School continue to uphold the principle of serving the entire teaching and administration staff, and actively broaden work content on the basis of previous activities. Through various cultural and sports activities, we aim to improve physical fitness and spiritual level of the entire staff, striving to create a harmonious working atmosphere. Specifically, activities carried out this year are as follows:


In March 2015, the International Business School was relocated to the ninth floor of the multi-functional building on the west campus, choosing Room 928 as the new Family of the Staff. Elaborately decorated and furnished, the new Family of the Staff becomes an ideal place for the entire staff to exchange ideas and experience. The room is equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, and various entertainment options like table football, Go Game, checkers, chess, international chess, war chess, poker, etc., as well as a wide variety of books and magazines, which provides a comfortable leisure space for all the staff.


In April 2015, we organized a Spring Outing as usual. We visited two places: Beijing International Flower Port and Hanshiqiao Wetland Park. With the participation of many foreign teachers and their families participating, this event has greatly strengthened collective cohesion. The same month, we actively followed arrangements from the school labor union, mobilized all staff's collective sense of honor, took an active part in the school sports meeting, and eventually won the High Morality Prize.


In May 2015, we invited Professor Zhao Lin, chief expert of health education in China and Deputy Director of Nutrition Department of The General Hospital of the People's Liberation Army (PLAGH), to deliver a keynote lecture to the faculty members on the subject of nutrition and health. After the lecture, Professors Zhao interacted with the participants on the question of health preserving.


In June 2015, we organized a special training activity with the theme of make-up on business occasions. We invited two foreign students who come from Korea Woosong University of South Korea and have won awards events in major makeup contests to teach faculty members to create an elegant and soft make-up on business occasions. Support from the entire staff underlay the success of this activity. In the fall semester of 2015, backed by all the faculty members, the Union will continue to explore new working methods, improve innovative abilities, and strive to chart a new course for our work.