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G20 Research Center

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G-20 Research Center of BFSU was established in 2010. It is based on the disciplinary clots of regional and global development and the secondary- discipline doctorate degree of international commerce and regional governance, focusing on regional and multinational economic research.

In recent years, the research center integrate resources of IBS, Japanese research center, and departments of English, German, Asian-African Studies and European languages, make full use of the language advantages to conduct forward looking research on core and strategic issues of G-20. At present, the center focuses on China’s OFDI effects on G-20 members, as well as the channels and models of OFDI. A series of academic activities are held regularly. We will build the center to become one of the strategic think tanks with significant influences, make contributions to  China’s power and influence in G-20, and provide intellectual support for the government’s diplomacy, economic policies and globalization of Chinese enterprises. 

As for the operation of the center, first, we will hold academic forums every two weeks, and hold academic salons on G-20 regularly. The center will invite experts from America, Portuguese, and Canada to give lectures. We will publish the International Economic Observation, with our core journals drawing attention from renowned think tanks such as CASS and Chong Yang Research Institute of Renmin University of China. Secondly, we will serve our country’s strategic needs, build up a cooperative platform of think tank-based research with relevant government bodies. At present, the center has engaged in profound cooperation with the Ministry of Finance and Commerce, China economics net, the government of Hangzhou and Ningbo, and so on. In 2016, G-20 Summit will be held in Hangzhou. The center will vigorously cooperate with the Hangzhou government to prepare for the issues to be discussed at the summit. Experts from two sides will take part in academic seminars and exchanges.

Future Plans of the Center

Follow hotspot issues of G-20 and publish the International Economic Observation
We will keep a close eye on major media home and abroad, follow international hotspot issues and comments, gather information rapidly and translate it with good quality, and publish high-level internal periodicals.

Conduct specialized research on G-20 and issue relevant reports
We will focus on the core issues of international economics and finance, conduct targeted academic research, release our results regularly and provide intellectual support for our nation and government.

Set up a website for G-20 research and safeguard the database

We will take advantage of BFSU multilingual resources, track major countries and regions, set up a comprehensive website for G-20 research, provide abundant academic resources, and closely follow the macroeconomic situations, monetary policies, financial reforms and foreign trade in G-20 countries and regions. A multinational and regional database will be established.