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International Internet Research Center

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BFSU International Internet Research Center is an internet research institute sponsored by IBS and Science Park in BFSU. It focuses on the observation and research of global internet industries and is committed to resolving the information asymmetry of global internet brought by language and cultural differences. 


We aims to promote exchanges with languages, facilitate internet integration, set up the worldwide synchronized information exchange network, and push forward the boundless development of internet industries.  


We will bring into full play the multilingual academic environment of BFSU, bring together world think tanks, communicate with internet enterprises worldwide, make discussions about internet industries and explore the world of internet and its future.

Key areas of research

Make comparisons among internet industries of different regions and countries.

We will make full use of the language resources in BFSU and research resources in foreign countries, study and analyze the status quo, trends and differences of internet industries among different countries and regions and combine them with industrial practices. We will conduct industrial application in expect to hatch and cultivate new internet products and enterprises, as well as upgrading the internet industry.

Cross-border e-commerce

Based on our multilingual and cross-cultural advantages, we will further our study on cross-border e-commerce businesses, their ways of operation and the policies and data of cross-border e-commerce. We will explore new development paths of cross-border e-commerce, launch projects of the research center. We will strive to be a core center for China’s e-commerce research, transform research into production forces, and promote the development of China’s e-commerce in all dimensions.

Internet finance

We will base our research on global internet finance, learn from the innovation precedents in America and European countries, combine research on products, services and technologies of internet finance, provide references for China’s internet finance industry, and promote inter-connected development of internet finance in urban and rural areas.

Entrepreneurship of global internet

We are concerned and supportive with the trend of starting up businesses in the internet sector, and with abundant education resources, we will take advantage of the favorable conditions of IBS and the Science Park in BFSU, mobilize campus and social resources to create a sound environment for internet start-ups. We will hatch a group of start-up teams and programs with BFSU’s characteristics in line with the major trend with internet entrepreneurship.

Industrial capital of internet

We will balance industrial development with projects, and place equal importance on research and capital. Through research of capital flow in the internet sector, we will get to know the trend of internet development from the perspective of capital. We will finance social funds based on our research results, and establish a two-way selection platform of mutual trust between industrial capital and internet projects, making more sound connections.