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Business Administration Commission of the Society of Management Science of China

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中国管理科学学会(Society of Management Science of China,以下简称学会)成立于1980年(原名中国管理科学研究会),是具有法人资格的国家一级学会,主管单位为国家科技部。业务范围是学术研究、咨询服务、专业培训、编辑出版。作为我国第一批成立的全国性、综合性管理科学社团组织,学会具有多学科、跨部门、跨行业、横向联系广泛的特点。1991年为适应我国管理科学发展的新形势,促进管理科学领域的国际学术交流,与国际学术组织名称保持一致,经国家科委(91)国科发计字510号文件批准,中国管理科学研究会更名为中国管理科学学会。1999年经国家民政部核准,新登记证号为3481,社团代码50000425-1。

Society of Management Science of China, previously known as Research Institute of Management Science of China, was established in 1980s, is a first-grade national society with legal personalities supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology. It covers areas of academic research, consultation services, professional training, editing and publication. As one of the first national and comprehensive organizations of management science, the Society features multiple disciplines, cross- department and cross- industrial services and broad connections. In 1991, in order to meet the new trend of China’s management science and promote international academic exchanges in this area, the Research Institute changed its name to Society of Management Science of China in line with international academic organizations, approved by No. 510 document from the State Science and Technology Commission. Verified by the Ministry of Civil Affairs in 1999, the new registration number of the Society is 3481, and its code is 50000425-1.



Business Administration Commission of the Society of Management Science of China, is a subordinate organization of the Society. BAC works together with IBS of BFSU, help integrate the global academic resources of IBS. BAC focuses on subjects with epoch characteristics including operation and management of multinational corporations, cross-cultural management and the globalization of Chinese enterprises. It has carried out all forms of academic activities including academic research, meetings, lectures and exchanges as well as offering consultations and training programs for enterprises. As a platform for cooperation, BAC encourages people from both academic field and enterprises to participate in those activities.


主任    彭 龙

Director Peng Long

执行副主任     武永清

Executive Deputy Director Wu Yongqing

副主任     牛华勇

Deputy Director Niu Huayong

秘书长     丁晓松

Secretary General Ding Xiaosong