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The Research Center for Management Science

Views:316 Author:admin Date:2015-11-16

The Research Center for Management Science in BFSU was established in 2008, which is a key disciplinary construction program of IBS. At present, main researching areas include management of the supply chain, management information system, e-commerce, e-government, decision analysis and upgrading. There are now altogether 10 researchers, including 3 professors, 3 associate professors and 4 lecturers.

The Research Center aims to make use of the outstanding academic environment in IBS, focus on basic research of academics and application as well as the development and research of enterprise-initiated programs. It will keep an eye on the management of supply chain, management information system, internet utilization as well as the trend of management decision-making. It will study the frontier theories in those areas, explore the methodology of scientific management, and help enterprises resolve all sorts of management difficulties in their development. Meanwhile, we will make more efforts to strengthen academic exchanges and cooperation home and abroad and build an academic institution that opens up to the world.

In recent years, two professors of the research center have been selected into the New Century Excellent Researcher Program led by the Ministry of Education with two associate professors elected into the Beijing Youth Talents Program. The center has presided, and undertaken 8 projects supported by the Natural Science Foundation of China, 1 project supported by funds of humanities and social sciences under the Ministry of Education as well as 5 relevant projects funded by the Beijing government. It has also undertaken consultation projects for various industries and enterprises. Nearly a hundred academic essays were published on foreign and national core periodicals or delivered at international academic conferences. Among them, there are over 20 essays published on key academic journals retrievable by SCI and SSCI, as well as over 10 essays retrievable by EI, along with 3 academic publications.