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IBS.BFSU Launched Series of Cultural Activities for International Students During Orientation Week

Views:520 Author:admin Date:2023-03-06

To help new international students quickly adapt to the domestic living environment and deepen their understanding of Chinese culture, the International Business School successfully held a series of activities with the theme of "New Student Orientation" during the Orientation Week at the beginning of the new semester.

From February 22nd to 23rd, teachers from the Student Affairs Office of International Business School led our international students on cultural tours. They visited the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace and the Great Wall at Badaling. It enables the students both to experience the magnificence and grandeur of ancient Chinese royal architecture, and gain a deep understanding of the long and rich history of China as well as the culture. They listened carefully to the tour guide's explanations and gained a detailed understanding of the historical background and cultural connotations of various ancient Chinese buildings. At the same time, the students expressed their respect and admiration for these cultural relics. The Great Wall at Badaling is not only a model of Great Wall architecture of China but also one of Chinese iconic symbols. While climbing the steep slopes of the Great Wall, the students experienced and acclaimed the profoundness and resilience of Chinese people and Chinese culture.

Through this cultural tour, the students expressed that they had a better visual and sensory understanding of Chinese history and culture, as well as a deeper appreciation for the warmth and friendliness of Chinese people. Now, they cast a greater love for China and a deeper understanding and respect for Chinese culture. They are looking forward to a colorful learning life at the International Business School of Beijing Foreign Studies University.

In addition to the cultural tour, the Student Affairs Office and the IBS Union also held a lot of communication activities during the week, as well as the dining party on 24th February. Through these cultural exhibitions, games, and other activities, the students had more opportunities to communicate and learn about cultures and life of each other, which promoted friendship and relationships among them.

The orientation week cultural exchange activities helped international students integrate into the domestic environment better, experience the great charm of Chinese culture, reinforce their determination to be outstanding cultural ambassadors and share the stories of China with the world as well as promoting Chinese culture globally.