Excellence Teaching Project

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IBS encourages and advocates teaching reform and innovation. We will publish the instructions on teaching of IBS, set up teaching standards, and make a comprehensive, classified, and detailed assessment of teaching in our school. The supervision on the process and results of teaching will also be strengthened to improve teaching quality.

We will delegate power and budget plans to every department, grant more power and responsibilities to the director of a department. We will make clear the characteristics of every department in certain area of study, and set short and long term goals. We will hold a variety of activities so that students could receive instructions on professional studies, academic enhancement and career planning. We will make plans on introducing talents and participate in talents recruitment in accordance with the need of every department. IBS will make an annual performance assessment of every department, grant rewards to those with excellent performance while imposing punishment on those who have failed the assessment.

We will set up an enhancement center for teachers, enhance their teaching skills by holding lectures and forums on teaching methods, especially for those newly employed teachers. We will hold a teaching competition every year, set up open courses of IBS, and recommend outstanding teachers and courses to compete for higher level teaching prizes. We will further improve the assessment system of teaching prizes, put more emphasis on teaching in terms of professional title review, and encourage teachers to enhance their teaching.

We will put more emphasis on the three general curriculum including economics, management and international commerce, and work to combine specialized courses with general courses and dual degree courses of economics and management to upgrade the learning model for dual degree students.
We will add graduation projects to graduation papers. Practical projects including surveys, business plans, and reports on enterprise consultation will be introduced. Academic regulations of IBS will be written into the requirements of courses with paper-assessment.

We will integrate teaching resources, make sure that overseas students could attend the same courses with Chinese students. Our courses will be delivered in English, Chinese or both according to the teaching results of each course. We will balance general courses with specialized courses, instruct students to choose general and specialized courses rationally. We will also balance theoretical courses with practical courses, make adjustment of the level of theoretical teaching while updating practical courses. Meanwhile, we will engage in cooperations with enterprises and offer more practical courses for students, taking advantage of the BFSU experimental teaching center for economics and management.


By: Teaching and Administration Offices of IBS