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Chen Hailin 陈海琳

Senior expert in brand operation. She served successively as the manager of Avon, Guangzhou office; the marketing director of direct-sales department of Sara Lee Corporation; the vice president of sales of NU SKIN; and the CEO of Oriflame Cosmetics China.


Cui Wei 崔伟

Marketing director of Xerox China; sales director of Fujixerox China.


EdwardC. Malthouse 爱德茂特豪斯

Professor of Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University; expert in integrated marketing communications. His primary research is in the areas of integrated marketing communications, applied statistics, market research and media marketing, media and market analysis, etc. He was awarded as the “professor of the year” for many times.


Gao Jianhua 高建华

He served as the senior engineer, marketing manager, sales manager, and business development manager of Hewlett-Packard China; the director of Apple Computer Inc. of Chinese market; the marketing director of the measuring instrument branch of Hewlett-Packard China. He is now in charge of international market development for products in MPU, EPSG of Agilent Technologies (created when it spun off from Hewlett-Packard Company).


Gai Liefu 盖烈夫

Expert in HR management, etiquette, and lecturing. The first head coach of the train-ing center of professional managers in Tsinghua University.


Guo yunping 郭云平

The front-line marketing expert. He served successively as the deputy general manager of marketing of Xiuzheng Pharmaceutical Group, and the planning director of Shenzhen Huaqiang Industry Co., Ltd.


Han Yongsheng 韩永生

Expert in strategy management and process design. He is now the professor and doctoral advisor of the school of management in University of Chinese Academy of Science; the head of the Industrial Management and Design Center of Chinese Acad-emy of Science; and the vice president of the Youngor Group.


Hu bayi 胡八一

Doctor of Philosophy; HR director of DuPont.


He Zhaoxiang 何兆祥

Chinese manager in charge of five-star hotel management in Marriott International.


Huang Weidong 黄伟东

Expert in cross-cultural management. He served successively as the operation supervisor and the Chinese permanent representative of Allied Domecq (one of the Fortune Global 500); the vice president of Datahouse; and the executive general manager of Pilot.


Kam, Seowon

Doctor of Management from University of Illinois; Doctor of Computational Linguistics; and the head of department of international relations of SolBridge Inter-national School of Business (Korea).


Lu Chungquan 路长全

One of the most valuable expert in front-line marketing. He served as the deputy general manager of marketing of Yili, the vice president of Juneng; the marketing director of Zambon China, and the deputy general manager of marketing. Many of his achievements have become classical cases of study.


Lu Yun 路云

Sales director of Siemens.


Li Zhixiao 李知晓

Famous expert in human resource strategy; the chief lecturer of Jucheng Corp.; the chief trainer and consultant of Wise (China) International Education Group; and the head coach of marketing director of Hezhidasheng (International).


Li Houhao 李厚豪

He is the training director of Acorn International Inc., and is in charge of the training of Ozing, Babaka, Youngleda, Zehom, Anach, Sunrana and other subsidiaries.


Liu Peng 刘鹏

Senior lecturer of Yazhi-Life. Mr. Liu worked as the senior executive of motorola China for 4 years, production manager of Miquel China for 3 years, deputy general manager of the production base of Pierre Cardin for 3 years, and the marketing consultant of Armani.


Liu Peng 刘鹏

He is the doctor of International Economics; MBA of Lancaster University; associate dean of BFSU-Solbridge business school. He is an expert in business English and cross-cultural business management with rich working experience overseas.


Luca.dellanese 鲁柯•戴尔丹尼斯

He is the associate dean of the international business school of BFSU. He holds an MPA degree from Harvard University and an S.J.D. degree from University of Michigan. He is an expert in international taxation, cross-border merger and acquisition and international business law.


Ma Xiaoxia 马晓霞

A performing art major of Beijing Film Academy and a member of the Performing Committee of Chinese National Academy of Arts. She serves as the occupational etiquette consultant of G•Tenna and BetterLife Group, and the lecturer for improving quality and image of staff in Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, Beijing Kerry Hotel, IBM and NOKIA.


Niu Huayong 牛华勇

Dean of the international business school of BFSU. He is a doctor in industrial economics from Renmin University of China. Dr. Niu is experienced in industrial organization and management, corporate finance, and cross-border businesses, and was granted the “Best Teaching Award”.


Nam Sung Ahn

He earned his Ph. D. from Energy Policy Program in nuclear engineering of MIT. As a member of the National Sustainable Energy Project of Korea, he plays an important role in the research of development strategy for Korean power enterprises.


Peng Long 彭龙

President of BFSU; and post-doctoral researcher from Guanghua School of Management of Peking University.


Rui Xinguo 芮新国

General manager of the training and business department of Kotler Marketing Group, China. He served successively as the marketing director of Want Want and of EMKT Consulting.


Rich Chvala

Professor in management; head of the enterprise training center of the business school of University of Virginia. He has provided leadership training and strategic management training for many Global 1000 companies.


RenTianxing 任天行

Marketing director of HUGO BOSS China.


SimaJianming 司马剑明

Sales Champion and the Best Sales Manager of Bayer Healthcare.


Shu Guohua 舒国华

Planning director and head coach of the marketing center for Wuliangshen Liquor of the Wuliangye Group; Planning director and head coach of the marketing center for New Men of the Wuliangye Group.


TongGuodong 仝国栋

Chairman of the supervisory board of Wuhan National Pharmaceutical Technology Co.Ltd. (listed company, ticker: 600421); and director of human resource department. Mr. Tong has rich experience in IPO management and resource integration.


TanChangchun 谭长春

General manager of China Stone; project director of TNS Research International;He served in Coca Cola, Red Bull, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Uni-President Enterprises Corporation and China Resources Snow Breweries, Ltd.He is regarded as the father of Qoo of the Coca Cola Company, and is in charge of the launching and promotion of the Qoo, NESTEA and Binglu Water.


TanHao 唐昊

Executive director of INSEAD—ICC/NDRC Leadership Development Plan of Internationalized Enterprises;Director of the International Economy Research of the International Cooperation Center of the National Development and Reform Commission;Leading expert of IMO.


Van Wood

Chair professor in international marketing of the University of Virginia Business School; He is in charge of the International Business Management Project and the MBA Project.


Wang Dandan 王丹丹

Training expert of contact center. She served successively as the chief operating officer of Novo Nordisk China, the operation manager of Bertelsmann Shanghai, and the director of customer services of Beijing Emay Softcom Technology Ltd.


Wu Chunming 吴春明

CFO of Honeywell in Greater China.


Wen Ronghui 温荣辉

Training director of the entrepreneurial center of BFSU International Business School;

He has served in Madison Funds and General Electric Company, and provided consulting services in IBM.He has published more than 10 books regarding finance, economics and management such as the power of PPT (《用PPT说话》) and Potential (《潜能》).


Wang Min 王敏

Teacher of BFSU; teaching director of Solbridge Business School; Doctor and post-doctoral researcher form Guanghua School of Management of Peking University.


Wang Luo 汪罗

Marketing director of customer service of Panasonic China;He served successively as the sales manager of Guangdong Sitong Group Co., Ltd.; the regional manager of Johnson & Johnson; and the marketing director of Neptunus, McCann-Erickson Guangming, Hercules Logistics, Midea and of Panasonic China.


Xing Yan 邢焱

Operation supervisor of Bluex and operation manager of contact center;He is in charge of the establishment of the service system and the subordinate service process, the launch of quality standard policy and the auditing of the service system.


Yang Aiwen 杨爱文

Director of strategic planing of the Lenovo Group;As one of the core members of the strategic planning team, he assisted the president and the highest decision-making team of the group to formulate medium and long-term strategic plan, and helped design and formulate the annual development plan.


Yang Lingbin 杨凌彬

CFO of Nestle China.


Yu Zizhi 于兹志

Doctor of finance from Peking University; head of the EDP Center of BFSU International Business School; and visiting scholar of Columbia University.He is proficient in corporate finance and strategy.


Yang Yijun 杨懿君

Ms. Yang is the Tax Partner in PricewaterhouseCoopers China. She is a CPA of China and a CPA of USA. She had worked for Tax Policy Department of China Ministry of Finance for more than 5 years. She was one of the core members of “Corporation In-come Tax Regulations Drafting Team”.


Zhang Xiaotong 张晓彤

HR director of Kingdee China; The then manager of HR department of Nokia (China) Investment Co. Ltd, and manager of the non-technology courses of Nokia Academy.


Zhu Qiangxin 诸强新

General manager of marketing of Nongfu Spring, with 20 years experience in practical management.


Zhou Haiping 周海平

Director of public affairs of TCL with high proficiency in operating and managing large-scale enterprises, and in managing brand assets and public relations.


Zhang Wen 张文

Vice president of Mengniu;The then senior consultant of the Lenovo Group, associate dean of Lenovo Academy, and head coach of the Lenovo group.


Zhao Tianqi 赵天奇


Senior expert in Management Informatization; postdoctoral researcher from National CIMS Engineering Research Center of Tsinghua University; expert in the IT Project and database application of the World Bank; and expert in the IT system operation and maintenance of the Beijing government;He served successively as the general manager of IT management and consultation for Sinotrust; the general manager of the R&D management and consultation department of Han Consulting; the deputy director of the Dynamic Balance Research Institute, etc.