Time Schedule of General Master Thesis Writing

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According to relevant regulations of BFSU and students cultivation program of the International Business School, every postgraduate student of general master program must finish one thesis independently, and the detailed time is arranged as follows initially (the key time may be adjusted slightly according to the specific situation):



13/3/2017 Submit the first draft

Students should complete their thesis draft according to the advices of the supervisors and that on the proposal presentation and submit to the graduate office. The thesis should be sent to research@bfsu.edu.cn , and the hard copy should be submitted to supervisors by 13rd March, otherwise the students take the consequences.



10/4/2017 Submit the revised version

Based on the advices of supervisors, the thesis should be revised twice. Please submit the revised version on time and take the original test. If the theses do not pass the original test for the first time, students can continue to revise. When the students take the second-time original test before April 20th, two copies of bound thesis should be submitted and the second-time test costs should be paid. If fail again students will be not qualified to defense their theses, which will be postponed to next time.



4/15/2017-5/10 Thesis appraisal

Approved by the supervisors and passed the original test, students should submit two copies of bound papers and one copy of blank thesis appraisal file (duplex printed) to the IBS postgraduate office by 15th April. IBS postgraduate office will organize a panel of experts to read and appraise. The panel contains at least two associate professors of the subject or related subject, or the experts with equivalent technical titles above and among them at least one is the outside expert.



5/15/2017 Submit Thesis defense Application

Students should fill in Application form for the Thesis Defense, and The graduate Student Basic Information Table, and ask the supervisors to give detailed academic evaluation, then submit to the IBS postgraduate office.



5/20/2017-5/21 Thesis defense

The Thesis Defense Committee for Master Degree contains three associate professors of the subject or other related subject, or the experts with equivalent technical titles above, and there should be at least one outside expert among them.


The defense should get passed only when more than two-thirds of all the committee members (including two thirds) agree. The results range from excellent, pass, conditional pass, not pass, to not pass and disqualified. 

答辩需经全体答辩委员会三分之二以上(含三分之二)成员同意方可通过。 答辩结果分为优秀、通过、有条件通过、未通过、未通过且取消学位申请资格。

The thesese of conditional pass must be revised within one month and get the agreement of more than two thirds of the committee. Then students can apply for the degree.


Students failed thesis defense should revise their theses within one year and apply for defense once again after agreed by more than half of IBS degree committee members. If failing again, they will be canceled the qualifications for applying the degree.


Students failed thesis defense will be disqualified from applying for degree if more than half of the IBS degree committee members disagree the student to revise.



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