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Mel West




工作经历 Work Experience

1972-75 Research Assistant, Public Sector Management Project,

Trent Polytechnic/ INLOGOV Birmingham University

1975-79 Lecturer in Management Science, Trent Polytechnic

1979-84 Senior Lecturer, Business School, Nottingham Trent University

1984-99 Tutor, Institute of Education, University of Cambridge

1995-96 (sabbatical) Visiting Professor of Education Research, National University of Puerto Rico.

1999- Professor in Education Leadership, University of Manchester

1999- Professor in Leadership Studies, Manchester Business School

2000-4 Dean and Director, Faculty of Education, University of Manchester

2004- Head of School of Education, (new) University of Manchester


教学研究 Taught Courses & Research Field

教学研究 Taught Courses

Principally in the fields of school management and school improvement. One of the architects of the influential Improving the Quality of Education for All (IQEA) programme in the mid-nineteen eighties. This programme, which is still going strong in several parts of the world, has been used by some hundreds of schools, and has become one of the most widespread approaches to school development.

Contributed to school improvement and management development programmes in Iceland , Laos , Chile , Hong Kong , China , Puerto Rico and Malawi , working with a number of international agencies including the British Council, DfID, OECD, UNESCO and Save the Children. Current projects include school improvement programmes in Beijing (DfID funded) and Hong Kong (Hong Kong Education Bureau) and a headteacher development programme in the West of China. He is also co-directing the Leadership Development Unit, set up by the DfES and the National College for School Leadership, to support schools and LEAs facing challenging circumstances.

研究领域 Research Field

Staff Development, Teacher Development and Teacher Appraisal

The Management of Change in Educational Settings

The Development of School Structures, and the links between purposes, structures and performance

School Improvement

Educational Reform in Developing Countries