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YANG Xiaodong




Decision Analysis, Channel/Supply Chain Design and Management, Supply Chain Finance, Experimental and Behavioral Operations Management


Operations Management, Procurement and Inventory Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Research Methods, Game Theory, Business Statistics, Design and Analysis of Experiments in Business, Mathematical Methods in Economics and Management



Ph.D., Department of Industrial and Operations Engineering, April 2007

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

M.S., B.S., Department of Mechanical Engineering, January 1997

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China



Assistant Professor, since September 2011

Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing, China

Post-Doctoral Research Associate, November 2010 – August 2011

Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas, USA

Research Fellow/Instructor, November 2009 – October 2010

Wilfrid Laurier University, Ontario, Canada

Supply Chain Manager, August 2007 – October 2009

Amazon China, Beijing, China

Research Analyst, April 2007 – August 2007

AAA Life Insurance Company, Livonia, Michigan, USA

Research Analyst (part-time), August 2000 – July 2001

Global Research and Development

Pfizer Inc., Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Quality Engineer, April 1997 – December 1997

General Electric (China) Corporation, Shanghai, China




Linear Algebra, Spring 2012, 2013

Operations Management, Fall 2011

Social Science Research Methods, Fall 2011, 2012

Business Intelligence and Analysis, Fall 2012

Procurement and Inventory Management, Winter 2010 (at WLU)

Design and Analysis of Experiments, Winter 2004,2006 (at Michigan)

Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis, Winter 2005 (at Michigan)




A.Published/Submitted Papers

A1. “Model Based Analysis of Performance-Cost Trade-offs for Engine Manifold Surface Finishing”, SAE Transactions: Journal of Material & Manufacturing, Vol. 5, 2004, (with Z. Li, etc.).

A2. “Design of DOE-based Automatic Process Controller for Complex Manufacturing Processes”, Proceedings of the National Science Foundation Grantee Conferences, Scottsdale, Arizona, 2005 (with Shi, J., J. Wu, and H. Zheng).

A3. “Product Design for Economic Recycling”, Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, Vol. 16, No. 6, Nov. 1997, (with Ni, J. and J. Cai).

A4. “A Stochastic Decision Model for Strategic Supplier Relationship Portfolio management”, under review (with Cheng, Z. and A. Tsay).

A5. “Designing Structured Supply Contracts under Demand and Price Uncertainty in an Open Supply Chain”, under review (with Cheng, Z. and A. Tsay)

A6. “Competitive Information Acquisition and Product Positioning”, under review (with Cai, G., Y. Chen and S. Yang)

B.Working Papers

B1. “Channel Authorization with Warranty”, Working Paper (with Cai, G. and C. Ingene).

B2. “Coordinate a Competing Supply Chain with External Options”, Working Paper (with Cai, G. and W. Chiang).

B3. “Pre-order for New Products Considering Strategic Consumers under Returns Policies”, Working Paper (with Ding, X. and X. Zhao).

B4. “Trade Credit, Traditional Credit and Monetary Policy Transmissions: Evidence from Chinese Firms”, Working Paper (with Chen, X.).

B5. “Statistical Issues in Computer Networks and Traffic Analysis”, (with Xi, B., V. Nair and G. Michailidis).