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GAO Cuilan




Education background (including Education and training experiences)

BeijingPeking UniversityBachelor

MOE National School of AdministrationTraining ( 3 months)


•Work experience

1969.8 The second cCompany 2, of the first bBattalion 1 of the third independent regiment of Heilongjiang Production and Construction Group

1972-1976 Biology Department, Beijing Peking University ( Student)


1976.2-1983.9Biochemistry Department, Capital Medical University ( Teaching Faculty)

1983 -1995 English Department, Beijing Foreign Studies University

1995-1996 ASUWAKOTO High School, Japan (Teaching Chinese Instructor)

1996- Beijing Foreign Studies University


•Research field

Educational management, Psychology

•Taught coursesCourses taught:

Chinese ( for international students)foreigners

•Academic and commercial part-time jobs.


•Commercial practice (Enterprise practice or survey)

•Achievements in academic researchPublications

1.Investigation ofResearch on University Students' Psychological Health in the Transformational Period, China's Economic Transformation from a Multidimensional Perspective in China's Economic Transformation, 2009.5, Economics Press

2.Problems And Countermeasures of in Graduate Students’ Moral Education in Perspective, Heilongjiang Higher Eeducation Research, 2005.5, Core Journal

3.On University Innovative Talents Cultivatiing in the New Era, Education Exploration, 2004.4, Core Journals

4.Teaching Method on for the Course of Moral Ideology and Morality Character in Perspective, Beijing Education, 2004.6, Core Journal

5.Basic Method offor University Ideological And Political Work of University in the New Era, Liaoning Education Research, 2004.4, Core Journal

6.Research on Education of Freshmen’s Adaptation, Heilongjiang Researches on Higher Education, 2004.4, Core Journal

7.Thoughts on the Construction Development of University Young Teachers, Hunan Social Sciences, 2004.2, Core Journal

8.Effectiveness of the Ideological and Political Work in the New Period, Contemporary World and Socialism, 2003, Core Journal

9.Studying "Three Represents " and Practicing Education Innovation, Studies on Marxism, 2003, Core Journal

10.Discussion on Foreign Language Teaching Method, Journal of Northeast Normal University, 2003, Core Journal

11.Adhere to People-oriented Value, Developing in Teaching Course of Ideological and Moral Cultivation, Proceedings of Teaching and Research of BFSU, 2005

12.Thinking of Some Thoughts on University General Education, Proceedings of Visiting Visits to Hongkong, 2005

13.Graduate Education in Transitional Period, Proceedings of Society Association of China’s Degree and PostGgraduatione Education, 1998

14.Characteristics of the Education and Management of Foreign Language Majors in Perspective, Proceedings of Society Association of China’s Degree and PostGgraduatioen Education,2000

15.College Students' Emotion Regulation, Proceedings of 60 Anniversary of Beijing Foreign Studies University, 2001

16.Analysis and Reform of Current Situation of Postgraduate Educational System, Proceedings of Society Association of China’s Degree and PostGgraduateion Education,2003

17.Research on the Innovative Teaching Method of for the Course of Ideologyical and Morality Cultivation, Educational Proceedings of BFSU, 2004


•International communication experience (Academic exchange and visits)

2006.5.15- 2006.5.30

Heading theOrganizer of a student visiting delegation to 4 universities of Singapore universities


Heading theOrganizer of a student visiting delegation to 11 universities of Taiwan universities


Heading Head of IBS Delegation to visit Sydney Business School, Australia

2004、6、7 - 2004、6、17 visiting four Hongkong Universities as a scholar

2009、7、3-2009、18 visiting Standford University as a scholar


•Honors and awards

1993 Merit Outstanding Party Member of BFSU

1994 Outstanding Advanced Individual ofin Moral Moral eEducation, Beijing

1996,1999 Education Reward Award of Huawei

2001,2006 MeritOutstanding Individual of Party affairs ServiceWork, BFSU

2008 March-Eighth Red-Banner BadgeWoman Pace-Setter, Beijing

2009,2011 Pilotage Reward Award of BFSU

2012 Merit Outstanding Individual of Party affairs ServiceWork, BFSU