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Faan Louw



Nationality: South Africa 


1) MA (Regional Science): University of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia (1980)

2) B Com (Hons) (Economics). University of Pretoria – Pretoria (1975)

3) B Com (Economics, Management). University of the orange Free State (1972)


2001 – 2010 - North West University: Department of Economics. Employed as senior lecturer. My current task is teaching 850 first year students. I also was chairperson of the Faculty Research Committee from 2003 until 2008.



Introduction to economics (1st years) 2007 – 2010

Basic micro and macroeconomics (1st years) 2006 – 2010

Development economics (3rd years) 2002 – 2006

International Economics (3rd years) (2002 – 2005)

Econometrics (Hons) 2002 – 2007

Economic models (Hons) 2002 – 2008)

General equilibrium (Hons) 2007)

Macroeconomics (3rd year) 1982 – 1990

Introduction to financial mathematics (1st years) 1982 – 1986


Grants received


Grants for research received:

1983: Poverty and destitution in Bophuthatswana R 72 000

2010: Constructing a village SAM (Social accounting matrix) R 200 000



In progress:

_____, Reviewing economic development objectives using a SAM, to be submitted to the SA Journal of Economics (almost completed)

Venter, BP and _____, The role of mission and communication in establishing organizational trust. About 50 % completed

Published and completed

____, (1979). Income, education and experience - A case study of non-whites in South Africa. In Development Studies on Southern Africa, Vol. 1, No 1.

____, (1979). Decentralisation, subsidies and factor substitution - A theoretical approach. In Development Studies on Southern Africa, Vol. 1, No. 2.

Vining, DR and ____, (1978). A cautionary note on the use of the allometric function to estimate urban populations. In The Professional Geographer. No. 4.

____, (1980). Advancement in the public sector. In Job advancement in South Africa. South Africa Foundation.

____, (1984). The economics of education in Bophuthatswana. In Development Southern Africa Vol.1, No. 3 & 4.

_____, (1998). Trading shares: A manual for trading shares. (Learner manual used by Digisoft for their training programmes.

____, (1984). Financial relations between the RSA and the independent self-governing states. In Development Southern Africa. Vol. 1, No. 3 & 4.


Unpublished reports


Bureau for Economic Policy and Analysis, 1980. Employment Problems in South Africa. (Co-author). Research Report No. 14. University of Pretoria.

SJH Louw, 1987. Socio-economic survey of destitute households in Bophuthatswana. Drought Relief.

SJH Louw 1995. SMME development in South Africa. Response to White Paper.

SJH Louw, 1995. Cost-benefit analysis of the textile industry in South Africa. Requested by the Department of Trade and Industries SA.

Guidelines on public sector functional expenditure. Co-authored with RA Downing, and others at CEAS during 1994. Unpublished.






SJH Louw, 1987. Evaluation of the Regional Industrial Development Programme in Region C. Development Bank of Southern Africa. Research project. Unpublished.

JP Botha & SJH Louw, 1988. Thaba Nchu manpower training facility: a needs analysis. Department of Manpower, Bophuthatswana. Unpublished.

SJH Louw, 1988. Saulspoort water supply: socio-economic study. Department of Water Affairs, Bophuthatswana now North West Province.

SJH Louw & Prof JP Botha, 1989. Comparison and Cost-benefit analysis of the following synthetic fuel projects:

Central Economic Advisory Council, RSA.

SJH Louw, 1989. Labour demand in Bophuthatswana. Manpower Development Authority. Unpublished

SJH Louw & Dr JP Botha. 1993 A guideline for doing Cost Benefit analysis of in-service training for the Manpower Development Commission, RSA.

SJH Louw, 1999. Expanding the transport sector in the SA Input-Output. Conning Garph Consultants. Pretoria. Unpublished.

SJH Louw (2001). Training manual on trading futures and options. Digidata. Pretoria. Published on Internet by Digidata.

SJH Louw, 2004. Discussion document for the Provincial Growth and Development Summit on SME development. Office of the Premier: North West Provincial Government.


Conferences (papers delivered):

___, and Langley, (1991) Science Schools in Bophuthatswana. Fourteenth National Convention in Mathematics and National Science Education, 1991.

Education in Bophuthatswana: A progress report. Workshop organised by the East Rand Administration Board. 1982.

Reviewing of Textbook:

V Rensburg. New SA MCConnell Economics Text for SA. Reviewing included chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. McGraw-Hill: South Africa. The book will be published shortly.


Graduate student advisement:


2 M Com degrees 2008.

About 40 B Com (Hons) degree research papers

Current assisting 2 PhD students with their statistical analysis


Academic services include:


Consulting with students which include provide assistance to those students who experience problems understanding issues and concepts. An important academic service is provided through a Learner Manage System called eFundi, based on a software provided by Sakai. EFundi (LMS) plays a crucial role communicating if one is responsible for 850 students with no backup and support. eFundi is used as a communication tool, assignments, quizzes and other additional supporting students may need to better their understanding of economics.


Attempt to establish a small business to sell Chinese products in SA: 1997 – 2001.

Director at Central Economic Advisory Services: South African National Government 1991 – 1996.

Director of Institute for Development Research – North West University 1986 – 1991.

Senior Lecturer in the Department of Economics North West University: 1881 – 1885.

Senior lecturer in the Department of Economics: University of Pretoria: 1980.

BENSO: Economic researcher 1972 – 1979. (Bureau for Economic Cooperation and Development)