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SONG Yanheng




Education background (including Education and training experiences)

Ph. D. in Management (Accounting), Tsinghua University, 2003

Master of Economics (Accounting), DongBei University of Finance and Economics, 1997

Bachelor of Economics (Accounting), DongBei University of Finance and Economics, 1994


Work experience

Associate Professor, International School of business, Beijing Foreign Studies University, June, 2015 to present

Associate Professor, School of Management, Zhejiang University, July, 2009 to June, 2015

Assistant Professor, School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University, July, 2003 to June, 2009

Assistant Professor, Department of Accounting, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, April 1997 to Sept. 1999


Research field: Financial Accounting and Auditing issues in Chinese Capital Market

Taught courses: Accounting; Intermediate Accounting; Empirical Accounting Research; Auditing


Achievements in academic research

Yin D. and Y. Song. 2014. "Debate on the legal authority to regulate Tax Return Preparers in the U.S. ". The Chinese Certified Public Accountant, 10.

Listic, L.L., S., Silveri, Y.H., Song and K. Wang. 2015, " Accounting Fraud, Auditing and the Role of Government Sanctions in China". June, Journal of Business Research. Vol. 68(6): 1186-1195.

Song, Y. and X. Xiao. 2012, "Supervising risk, Auditor size and Audit quality". Audit Research, 3: 83-89.

Song, Y. 2012, "Research Review on Disclosure issues in the Capital Market". Journal of Xinjiang Finance & Economics Institute. 2: 18-23.

Song, Y. and H. Fu. 2012, "Will Audit Quality be Affected by Auditor Tenure?". Accounting Research, 1: 84-89.

Song, Y. 2011, “Audit risk, Audit fee and relative bargaining power”. Accounting Research, 2: 74-79

Li, D. and Y. Song, 2010, “Is Timely Accounting Information Reliable?” Management World, 9: 129-137

Song, Y., 2008. “The use of equity refinancing proceeds and long-term post-issue operating performance”, Accounting Research, 5: 23-29

Song, Y. and Y. He, 2008, “Auditors’ tradeoff under supervising pressure and market pressure——evidence from impairment reserve of long lived assets”, Management World, 5: 44-50

Song, Y. and H.Y. Zhang, 2008, “Do Auditors Consider Predecessor Auditors’ Credit?——Predecessor Auditors’ Auditing Quality and Discretionary Accrual”, Audit Research,1: 61-66.


International communication experience (Academic exchange and visits)

Visiting Scholar, University of Illinois at Chicago, February 2011 to February 2012

Visiting Scholar, Sloan school of Management, MIT, August, 2007 to January, 2008


Academic and commercial part-time jobs:

Guangdong Guanhao High-tech Co., Ltd. Independent director

Jiangsu Hengli highpressure oil cylinder Co., Ltd. Independent director

Beijing Hiersun Co., Ltd. Independent director

Shanghai Yin Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Independent director

Hefei Baisheng Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Independent director


Honors and awards

2011. Students' favorite teacher in School of Management, Zhejiang University

2009. The Second Prize of Liberal arts group in Basic Teaching Skills Contest of Beijing Junior Teachers

2008. The Second Prize of Liberal arts group in Basic Teaching Skills Contest of Junior Teachers in Tsinghua University