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MA Lin





2006-2010Ph.D. in humanities, University of Louisville, USA

2002-2005M.A. in cultural studies, Beijing Foreign Studies University, PRC

1998-2002B.A. in English, Beijing Foreign Studies University, PRC


Work experience

2005-present Lecturer, International Business School, Beijing Foreign Studies University

2010Training, CCMB, University of Michigan

2009-2010Visiting Scholar, APRR, Michigan State University

2008Training, Business School, Staffordshire University

2004Visiting Scholar, CASS, Australian National University



Integrated Marketing Communications

Intercultural Business Communication

Research interests

IMC, consumer behavior, international advertising, intercultural communication




Postmodern Advertising and Its Reception: A Cross-Cultural Perspective, University of International Business and Economics Press, 2012.

Business English: A Reading Course (Co-author), Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, 2007.



Electronic Word-of-Mouth on Microblogs:A cross-cultural content analysis of Twitter and Weibo,Intercultural Communication Studies. 2013, XXII (3), 18-42.

A Strategic Use of the Communication Mix in Destination Marketing, Modern Communication, 2013(4), 165-167.

Public Signs Translation and City Image Building: Based on the Case of Chongqing, Foreign Language and Literature, 2012, 28(3), 110-113.

The Reception of Postmodern Advertising—A Comparative Study of Chinese and US Consumers, Modern Communication, 2011(5), 104-108.

An Empirical Study on Generation Effect of Word Retrieval in Second Language Vocabulary Learning, Journal of Sichuan International Studies University, 2009(2), 77-81.

The Representation of the Orient in Western Women Perfume Advertisements: A Semiotic Analysis, Intercultural Communication Studies, 2008, XVII (1), 57-71.

Pictorial Metaphor in Advertising and Consumer Interpretation of Its Cultural Meaning, China Media Research, 2008, 4(3), 9-17.

The Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement: a critical study of the Howard coalition government’s bilateral approach to foreign trade policy, Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Australian Studies, 2004.

From Industrial Relations to Workplace Relations: the Impact of the Federal Reforms in Workplace Relations since 1996 on Trade Union Movement in Australia, Forum on Social Science, 2004, 5(1), 38-43.

Research Projects

Word-of Mouth on Microblogs — a cross-cultural study, funded by Beijing Higher Education Young Elite Teacher Project, 2013-2015.

Intentional Social Action of Microbloggers, funded by BFSU, 2012.

Intercultural Conflict Management (participating), funded by MOE, 2009-2012.

Internationalization of Undergraduate Education in Economics and Management (participating), funded by MOE, 2007-2011.

Australian NGOs in China, funded by Australia-China Council(participating), 2003.



2007, Chen Meijie Prize for excellence in teaching, by Beijing Foreign Studies University