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LI Sifei




Education background (including Education and training experiences)

2007.8-2011.7 Ph.D. in Finance, Department of Finance, Faculty of Business Administration, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

2005.9-2007.7 Master in Financial Management, Department of Finance, School of Business, Renmin University of China.

2001.9-2005.7 Bachelor in Financial Management, Department of Finance, School of Business, Renmin University of China.


Work experience

2011.8 Assistant Professor, International Business School, Beijing Foreign Studies University,


Research field

Corporate governance, governance and succession of family firms, the role of government on firms’ decision makings in transition economies.

Taught courses

Principle of accounting, financial management,intermediate financial management,cost and management accounting, financial analysis and decision makings.


Achievements in academic research

Market Discounts and Announcements Effects of Private Placements: Evidence from China. Applied Economics Letters, 2011, Vol. 18, 1411-1414.

Dividends, investment and cash flow uncertainty: Evidence from China. International Review of Economics and Finance, International Review of Economics and Finance, 2013, Vol. 27, 112-124..

Long-run performance following private placement of equity: Investor overoptimism or investor underraction? China Soft Science, 2011(6), 167-177.

Government governance, ownership structure and investment decisions: Evidence from Chinese family firms. Journal of Financial Research, 2012(3), 124-138.

Government quality, investment and capital allocation efficiency. World Economy, 2012(3), 89-110.

Government governance, ownership preference and capital investment. Nankai Management Review, 2012(1), 43-53.

Government quality, ultimate ownership and cash holdings. Management World, 2012(11), 127-141.

National Funds of Social Science: “Research on driving forces and economic consequences of family firm succession”.


Honors and awards

The third prize of best paper awards of Accounting Society of China.

Best paper award of China International Finance Conference 2013.