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Fan Desheng




Education background (including Education and training experiences)


Bachelor of Political Economics in Heilongjiang University


Master of Economics in Graduate School, Chinese Academy of Social Science


PHD of Economics in Graduate School, Chinese Academy of Social Science ,


•Work experience

2003/07~present International Business School Beijing Foreign Studies University

•Commercial practice (Enterprise practice or survey)


•Research field


International Trade,

International Finance

•Taught courses

Intermediate Microeconomics,

Principles of Economics,

Money ,banking and Financial Markets,

International Finance



•Achievements in academic research


A Study on the Knife- edge of Economic Grow h Model, Journal of graduate school, Chinese Academy of Social Science,2009(2):60-67.

An Analysis on the effects of Reminbi Revaluing ,Red Flag Manuscript,2010(14):19-21.

A Study on the formation, effects and policy of China Huge amount of Foreign Reserve, Review of Economics Research,2010(38):40-47.

A Positive Study on the Relationship between Financial Development and Economic Growth Based on the China, Social Science in Nanjing,2011(1):29-35.

A Study of the Internal and External Value of Renminbi Exchange Rate on the Basis o f International, International Forum,2011(4):54-59.

A Study on the Formation and Use of Chinese Foreign Exchange Reserves Based on the Analysis of China Balance of Payment Statements from 1997- 2010, Social Science in Nanjing,2011(9):16-22.

A Study on the Influence of Enormous Foreign Exchange Reserves on Money Supply and Price Level, Social Science in Nanjing,2012(7):16-21.

An Analysis on the formation, risk and policy on the Sovereignty Wealth Funds, International Trade,2012(10):52-56.

An Analysis on the Logic, effects and policy of American Quantitative Easing, International Trade ,2013(1):43-49.

An Analysis of Firm’s Cost and Earning with Initial Distribution Methods of Tradable Carbon Permits Based on Market Economic System, Social Science in Nanjing,2013(8):24-29

A Study on the Formation, management and Highlights on China of Japanese Foreign Reserve,

Review of Economics Research,2013(43):87-92.


A Study on the relationship between financial development and economic growth on China during the transitional period, China Finance Publishing House , August ,2006.


Principles of Economics , Economic Science Publishing House, 2000.


•International communication experience (Academic exchange and visits)


Visiting Scholar in Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia U.S.A.