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Peking University, China — Master Degree, Major in the English Language and Literature, 1998-2001

Renmin University of China — Ph.D Degree, Major in Business Management, 2003-2009.

University of Alberta, Canada—Certificate for the Global Academic Leadership Program, 2015.8-2015.11

PURDUE UNIVERSITY, U.S. — 2009-2010 Visiting Scholar at Krannert Business School of Purdue University.

THE UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA, CANADA — 2015.8–-2015.11 Visiting Scholar at the University of Alberta, Canada.


Teaching Business-related courses to both Chinese and international students at the undergraduate and graduate levels from 2003 till now


Strategic Management (in English),International Strategic Management and Investment (in English),Principles of Management (in English),Strategic Management in China (in English),Human Resource Management in China (in English)


“The Chinese Curling Association: The Way Ahead”, published by IVEY Cases (Case Number: 9B16M124) in May 2016; chosen as the feature article at iveycases.com

“The Unfinished Dream of NBA China”, published by IVEY Cases (Case Number: 8B14M003) in Feb., 2014

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