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CHEN Ruohong




Ph.D in law, University of International Business and Economics


1998-now,International Business School, Beijing Foreign Studies University


WTO,anti-monopoly law

International Business Law, Developping a Business in China, China’s Legal Environment of Business



Operation of Advertising Agency, Beijing: Enterprise Management Publishing House,2002


Sales of Goods Act of the United Kingdom: Cases and Comments, Beijing: Law Press,2003


International Business Law, Beijing: China Machine Press,2006



Trade Promotion Measures Adopted in the Newly Amended Foreign Trade Law of PRC. In: Shen Sibao, eds, Analysis of the Foreign Trade Law of the People’s Republic of China, University of International Business and Economics Press,2004,352-366.


On 2004 Amendment of York-Antwerp Rules. Journal of Shanxi University, March 2005,72-77.


Anti-Monopoly Regulation of the Right of Intellectual Property Holder to Reject Transaction, In: Shen Sibao ,Wang Jun& Ding Ding, ed, International Commercial Law Proceeding(2003-2005),University of International Business and Economics Press,2005, 353-366.


On the Balance of Interests Between Shareholders and Creditors of A Corporation in the Context of 2005 Amendment of Corporation Law of PRC, Journal of Shanxi University, April 2006,24-28.


My Opinion on the Teaching of International Business Law. In: 3rd National Academic Conference on Teaching International Business Law, Beijing 25-26 May 2006


WTO Regulation of Government’s Function in Enterprises’ Elimination of Competition. In: 2006 Xi’an Annual Academic Conference of China Law Society, Xi’an 2-4 November 2006,534-541.


The Impact of China’s New Enterprise Income Tax Law on Japan/Korea-Invested Enterprises in China. In: 2007 Pusan Conference on North-East Asia Economy and Management Forum, Pusan 1-4 June 2006


The Control of Competition Among Countries in the Context of EU State Aid System. International Jurisprudence, Vol.5, 415-437.


EU Tax Law in the Process of European Integration. HeBei Jurisprudence, Vol. 7,165-175.


WTO case review “China-Measures Affecting Imports of Automobile Parts”, Yearbook of WTO Dispute Settlement 2009-2010, Law Press China


On Extraterritorial Application of US Antitrust Law to Chinese Enterprises, 2011 Conference on International Economic Cooperation, Guangzhou Nov 18-20 2011


Other publications and reports

(2002) The Ministry of Commerce Research Project “On the Application of Anti-dumping Measures in Processing Trade”


(2006) Beijing Foreign Studies University Research Project ”Legal Analysis of International Tax Competition Rules”


(2012) “Global Competition: Law, markets, and law” by David Gerber, Oxford University Press,(Translated work)


2000.9-2001.5 Ham Polytechnic, Finland, visiting scholar

2005.4 Kozminski Business and Management School, Poland, Lecturer

2008.9-2009.9 Chicago-Kent Law School, US, visiting scholar

2009.9/2011.4/2013.1 Palermo University, Italy, lecturer

2012.8 Direito GV, Brazil, lecturer

2014.11 Konfuzius Institute An Der Universitat Wien, lecture

2014.11 Konfuzius Institute Munchen


Director, International Economic Law, China Law Society