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Dong Lili




2004.9—2009.1 Renmin University of China, Ph.D. of Economics, majoring in International Business and Economics

2000.9—2003.6 University of International Business and Economics, Master of Economics, majoring in International Business and Economics

1990.9—1994.6 Huazhong University of Science & Technology, Bachelor of Economics, majoring in International Business and Economics


Internationalcommunication experience (Academic exchange andvisits)

2009.9—2010.1 Visiting scholar in University of California, Berkeley

2010.4 Visiting Shih Chien University (Taiwan), lecturing “Intro into Chinese Trade Policy Regime”

2006.2—2006.7 Visiting Woosong University (Korea), lecturing “Intro into Chinese Economy” and “International Trade”



2003.7- School of International Business, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Teaching “International Trade” “International Business” “Multinational Management” “World Trade Organization”

1994.9—2000.6 In charge of international business in Zibo Huarui Nylon Co. Ltd.



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8. “A Comparative Study on Multilateral and Regional Trade Negotiation”, Research Prize of Trade Remedy in China, by Bureau of Industry Injury Investigation, Ministry of Commerce of China.

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Foreign Direct Investment

International Trade Theories and Practices

World Trade Organization

Chinese Economy & Business



“International Trade”

“International Business”

“Multinational Management”

“World Trade Organization”


Academic andcommercial part-time jobs