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CAO Hongxing




Education background (including Education and training experiences)

Ph.D., Management Science and Engineering, 2009

Institute of Policy and Management, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

MA, Marketing, 2002

Guanghua School of Management, Beijing University, Beijing, China

BA, Marketing, 1998

School of Management, Beijing Institute of Business, Beijing, China



Work expeience

Bejing Foreign Studies University

2002-, Principles of Marketing for undergraduates

2003-, Project Management for undergraduates

2004-, Marketing for Sino-UK project and other programme

2011-, Marketing Management in China for IMBA, Exchange Students, and BFSU-Solbridge programme

Bejing University

2001, Project Evaluation, School of Further Education

2001, Project Evaluation, School of Further Education


教授课程:市场营销、商业策划与项目管理、Marketing in China



Achievements in academic research

Journal Publications and conference paper (in English)

Cao Hongxing, Yang Pengfei, “Multi-firm’s product innovation diffusion model in dynamical competition”, Systems Engineering Procedia, 2012, Elsevier Ltd.

Cao Hongxing (2011), “Retail clinics in America: Business model innovation”, Presentation in the 10th Northeast Asia Management and Economics Joint Conference, Daejeon, Korea.

Cao Hongxing (2008), “Implications from case of mobile phone services in Korea and China”, Presentation in the 7th Northeast Asia Management & Economy Joint Conference, Beijing, China.


Journal Publications (in Chinese)

Cao Hongxing (2011), “Roles of knowledge: intensive business service in retailing innovation in China—case analysis of IBM”, China Soft Science, special issue, 2011, 187-192.

Cao Hongxing (2011), “The development and implications of retail clinics in United States”, Journal of Beijing Technology and Business University (Social Science), Vol. 26, No. 5, 40-45.

Cao Hongxing (2011), “The problems and solutions of Chinese retailing innovation”, Journal of Innovation and Management, Vol. 8, No. 3, 37-52.

Cao Hongxing (2010), “Spillover Effect of Knowledge-intensive Business Service”, Research on Productivity, 2010 (1), 201-203.

Li Fei, Chen Hao, Cao Hongxing and Ma Baolong (2010), “How should China’s Department Stores Carry out the Innovation in Service?———A Case Study Based on Modern Plazas in Beijing”, Management World, 2010 (2), 114-126, 187-188.

Cao Hongxing (2010), “Literature Review of Retail Innovation Researches”, Journal of Beijing Technology and Business University (Social Science), 145(1), 18-21.

Cao Hongxing (2010), The thinking of management innovation of foreign studies university in China, Beijing Foreign Studies University’s teaching and research papers’ collection in 2009, Beijing: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, 444-453.

Cao Hongxing and Yang Pengfei (2009), “Product Innovation Diffusion Process in Multi-Firms’ Competition”, Mathematics in Practice and Theory, 39 (19): 39-47.

Cao Hongxing (2009), “Research on Driving Forces and Pattern of Retail Innovation”, Journal of Business Economics, 211(5), 19-25.

Song He-fa, Mu Rong-ping, and Cao Hongxing (2009), “The Conjunction between Intellectual Property Right and Technical Standard and it’s Inspection Method”, Studies in Science of Science, 27(2), 234-239.

Cao Hongxing (2009), “Development Trends of Retail Innovation”, Journal of Beijing Technology and Business University (Social Science), 145(1), 6-10.

Cao Hongxing (2008), “The development and policy of Knowledge-intensive business service”, Science of Science and Management of Science& Technology, 29(1), 126-130.

Cao Hongxing (2006), “National Innovation Systems in the Globalization”, Journal of China National School of Administration, 41, 84-87.

Jiang Minghua and Cao Hongxing (2003), “A Comparative Study of Brand Image Models”, Peking University Transactions, 40(2), 107-114.

Other Work

Co-translator of a book, Managing Diversity in Harvard Business Review series, published by Chinese Renmin University Press, 2004.

Co-translator of a book, Sales Force Management, published by Peking University Press, 2002.

Research field: Retailing Innovation; International Branding

Taught courses: Principles of Marketing; Business Planning and Project Management; Marketing in China

Academic and commercial part-time jobs


International communication experience (Academic exchange and visits)

Visiting Scholar of Business School, Staffordshire University, the U. K. (09/2004-01/2005)

Visiting Scholar, Center for Chinese Studies, University of California at Berkeley


3. Invited by the Blagoveshchensk branch of the Moscow Academy of Business at the Government of Moscow to give a speech for Marketing Management in China (05/28/2012-05/31/2012)


Commercial practice (Enterprise practice or survey)

Several Retailers, P. R. China

Conducted field research and case report (2008-)

Korea Samsung Corporation, P. R. China

Conducted a research on market development of Samsung NPC; Submit research report on the marketing strategy on Samsung NPC (2001-2002)

Beijing Franchise Consulting Corporation, P. R. China

Collaborated with a management team to write a business plan (2000-2001)

Beijing Huaxu Smart Card Corporation, P. R. China

Screened and identified possible marketing opportunities and conducted a database marketing project (1998)



Honors and awards:

Li Fei, Chen Hao, Cao Hongxing, Ma Baolong, “How Do China’s Department Stores Carry out Service Innovation?-Based on Case Study of Beijing Modern Plaza”, awarded the only best paper in Conference on Case-Based Research in Business Administration in China (2009) (The 3rd Management Forum of Renmin University of China). Co-Hosted by: The School of Business, Renmin University of China, Management World Journal, Nov. 14-15, 2009, Beijing, China.

Li Fei, Chen Hao, Cao Hongxing, Ma Baolong, “How Do China’s Department Stores Carry out Service Innovation?-Based on Case Study of Beijing Modern Plaza”, awarded the best management research case between 2009 and 2010 in China. Co-Hosted by: Chinese management case studies center and other three honorable organizations.