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Business Mentors (all in random order)

Chang Liangfeng: General Manager Assistant of COSCO AIR/COSCO Internal Air Freight forwarder Company Limited

Chen Chao: Senior Investment Manager of the Private Equity Department of China Investment Company

Shan Xiaohu: Global Partner and President in Greater China of PWC Strategy Management Consulting Company Limited

Deng Yu: President in China region and Global Secretary General of CIF

Gao Qian: Institute Director of China Minzu Securities

Hong Mei: Deputy General Manager of Strategy and Marketing Department of China Life

Jiang Dongyu: Information Technology Director in Asia Pacific of American Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

Jing Yunchuan: Founding Partner of King & Partners and Idianfa Net

Lan Xuehui: General Manger of Western Superior Capital Investment Company Limited

Li Jinwei: Manager of No. 3 International Business Department of China Building-Material Industrial Corporation for Foreign Econo-Technical Cooperation

Liu Honghai: General Manager of Asset-Liability Management Department of China Bohai Bank Company Limited

Liu Jiadan: General Manager of No. 9 Engineering Department of China CAMC Engineering Company Limited

Liu Zhigang: Partner of King & Wood Mallesons

Mei Dewen: President of Beijing Environment Exchange

Peng Wei: Deputy President of Paris Branch of Bank of China

Qiao Bingya: Finance Employee in Charge of Bank of China Investment Management

Qiu Chenxi: Senior Manager of Bank of China

Su Donglin: Director of Oracle (China) Software System Company Limited

Sun Guoshen: Expert of Head Office of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Wang Hongyang: Partner of Finance Audit Team of Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler

Wang Guoping: Executive General Manager of Fund Research Center of China Galaxy Securities Company Limited

Weng Yuan: Director of Retail Business of Administrative Bank in Xicheng District of Industrial Bank Company Limited

Wu Siqiang: Director of Research Office of Agricultural Development Bank of China

Xiang Chunsheng: Inspector General of Pengyang Fund Management Company Limited (under construction)

Xu Deshun: Researcher of International Trade and Economic Cooperation Research Institute of Commerce Department

Yang Zhining: Director of General Department of Payment & Cleaning Association of China

Zhang Pingge: Deputy President of China Huaying Assets Management Group Limited

Zhang Zhixiang: Part-time Professor of the School of Finance of Renmin University of China

Zhao Qing: Chairman of the Labor Union and the 16th Youth League Central Committee Member of Franshion Properties Company of Sinochem Group

Zhu Keli: Secretary General of Contemporary Economics Foundation and President of Smart Stone Institute

Zhu Qibing: Chief Macroeconomic Analyst of China Minzu Securities Company Limited

Zhu Jianfang: Chief Economist and Managing Director of CITIC Securities Company Limited

Zuo Xinghua: Director of Capital Markets and Managing Director of ICBC Financial Leasing Company Limited

Chen Da: President of Chinese Association of International Business Negotiation, Practice Supervisor of Master of Interpreting and Translation of University of International Business and Economics

Hu Guangtao: President of Fortis Haitong Investment Management Company

(Employment term: 2015.9.10 - 2017.9.10)