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The EDP Center of BFSU International Business School is a specialized institution for training high-level management personnel.


As the global economy is now becoming more integrated, the EDP Center, with the help of the huge knowledge accumulation and abundant international resources, is dedicated to incorporating advanced management concepts of the west (such as brand management) into the practice of management in China. BFSU has a long tradition of developing female leadership, which helps produce high-level management personnel with global perspectives.


The training duration and the training courses of the EDP Project varies with the specific need of enterprises. The courses can focus on comprehensive managerial skills, or knowledge and skills in a particular managerial field. This project provides Chinese business elites with international business theories and practice.


An prestigious research base of multinational business


Here, we are well connected with business people around the world. They are the proud alumni of BFSU. We also have unique insights into the global market, which help you capture market signals and seize business opportunities. Besides, we have abundant information about international business, which helps you make insightful strategies and succeed in the international arena.


Broad access to business circle: we have alumni in 180 countries.


Diversified business perspectives: we cooperate with universities from all over the world.


Abundant business information: we provide financial and economic data of 20 countries.


An advanced brand management center

以来自全球顶尖时尚品牌管理基地的意大利籍副院长Luca Dell’Anese为首的国际师资力量,将从品牌理论到全球考察实践完成从中国制造到中国创造的中国企业脱胎换骨之路!

Under the leadership of the Italian associate dean, Luca Dell’Anese from the management base for world top fashion brands, the faculty will help enable the enterprises’ transformation from “made in China” to “created by China”.


A pioneer in cultivating female leadership


Ever since BFSU was established over 70 years ago, it has produced many eminent female elites including officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs such as Wang Hairong, Fu Ying, and well-known media practitioners such as Yang Lan and Xu Gehui. With rich experience and distinctive characteristics, the EDP Center will provide excellent female leadership training.


Over 70 years of dedication to international affairs


Faculty from 6 countries’ business schools


Faculty involves senior personnel from more than 100 foreign-funded enterprises