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Career History

Lecturer in Management Science at Lancaster University (2002-2011)

Research Consultant at Knowledge Partners (20 12-current)

Research Fellow at Lancaster University (20 12-current)

Research and Teaching Interests

Marketing Modelling and Analytics 、Consumer Behaviour 、Digital Marketing 、Applied Data Mining 、MarketResearch


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Research work/Papers in progress

Intra-Household e-grocery pre-purchase trajectories: in between technological and social practices (With De Kervenoael, R); targetedjournal: Intemational Journal ofHwnan Computer Interaction

Forecasting car demand in China using diffusion models-submitted to the Journal ofBusiness Research (with Lixian Qian)

Using context effects for the validation of preference data (with Greg Rogers)

Consumer reaction to product recall (with Zhan Pang)- work in progress presented at ElRASS conference, San Diego in July 2011.

Statistical modelling of defaulting companies for the Basel Accord: A Brazilian case study (wi Minussi, J and Worthington, D.)

Comparing modelling approaches for corporate credit scoring using multi-level categories of risk (With Worthington, D and Minussi,J


Fellow ofthe Royal Society of Arts and Manufacture

Member ofthe Operational Research Society

Professional Membership ofthe Association for Computing Machinery

Associate Member ofthe Market Research Society (MRS)


University and Management School Grants: (1) Online consumer behaviour (2) ICT adoption and small states

University Small Grant: Online Grocery Strategy

EU Commission research grant to study intemal career progression (with Pidd, M., W orthington, D. and Onggo 1990.S)

Research Grant from Premier Line to develop analytical models for Business to Business marketing.

North-West Development Agency Innovation Voucher

Named co-investigator of f 1.9M RCUK Cross-Disciplinary Interfaces Programme Project: CaTalyST - Citizens Transforming Society: Tools for Change (awarded in 2011)


Elsevier prize for Most Innovative paper, 13th ElRASS conference, Budapest, Hungary (with De Ke 1V enoael, R., Elms, J. and Hallsworth, A, 2006)

Winner of best paper for collaborative research (2009) Market Research Society

Paper shortlisted by the Market Research Society for best paper in the Intemational Journal of Market Research (2010)